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Fans are surprised as Nina-Marie Daniele turns heads in a leopard-print two-piece, and they are saying things like, “Pearl Davis is about to have a mental breakdown”.


In a recent post that she made on social media, Nina-Marie Daniele is responsible for sending the temperatures skyrocketing. The well-known influencer shared a picture of herself on social media wearing a lovely two-piece swimsuit with a leopard design, and her followers couldn’t help but react immediately.

In April of 2017, Daniele was honored with the title of “Playmate of the Month” by Playboy Magazine. This caused her to rise to notoriety. After some time, she evolved into a mixed martial arts (MMA) influencer, and Dana White quickly became interested in her distinctive approach to interviewing other athletes. Since then, she has been employed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and she is frequently seen attending major events.

Despite the fact that Nina Marie-Daniele is well-known for her one-of-a-kind brand of awkward interviews, in which she asks mixed martial arts athletes delightfully ridiculous questions without any reservations, she is sometimes blamed for destroying the seriousness of the sport. The fact that she took the slagging off as a source of inspiration for the caption of her most recent X post, however, suggests that she is not bothered by the situation. With her swimwear on, she scribbled the following:

“Nina, this has nothing to do with MMA.”
Soon after, followers flocked to the comments area of the post in order to share their thoughts on the photograph of Daniele.

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One of the fans made a joke about the notorious female’manosphere’ influencer Pearl Davis and said:

Nina-Marie Daniele slams MMA media for dishonest reporting

Nina-Marie Daniele went on a rant against the media outlets who cover mixed martial arts (MMA) and expressed her disapproval of their unethical reporting of “breaking news” for the sole purpose of generating internet interaction.

Daniele launched a campaign on X in which she criticized the media for publishing exclusive or breaking news without providing evidence to support their claims. In addition, she noted that she was annoyed by the fact that they trusted “random” sources that did not provide their names.

“A significant issue with mixed martial arts (MMA) media is that the majority of them are so anxious to broadcast “breaking news,” yet they don’t care to confirm! Instead, they put their faith in unreliable sources. Since this is the case, MMA Media cannot be relied upon. Additionally, why is the media so keen to release news before the promotion?
As Nina-Marie Daniele pointed out, this kind of journalism would cause the news organizations to become estranged from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and would result in irreparable harm to their brand. She went on to say:

Because of this, the promotion will not be successful for you, and it will work against you. It’s a street that goes in both directions, and everyone is shooting themselves in the foot, in my opinion. #Restore the Greatness of MMA Media”

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Nina-Marie Daniele has, without a doubt, established a name for herself in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), but she has also earned the ire of a few individuals. Earlier this month, the former “Playmate of the Month” had a disagreement with another journalist named Helen Yee, and the two of them engaged in a furious exchange of words on social media. On the other hand, it appears that Daniele and Yee have put an end to their feud, as they were observed taking a selfie together on the sidelines of UFC 296, which took place.

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