Fans are in shock after seeing Zhang Peimian come dangerously close to beheading Aslanbek Zikreev.

Zhang Peimian, a kickboxer from China, is positioned to become one of ONE Championship’s next biggest stars. The phenomenon, who is only 20 years old, has captivated his audience time and time again with his fiercely competitive and aggressive demeanor.

As a preview of what’s to come in the following weeks, this week we were treated to a slow-motion replay of Zhang nearly decapitating Aslanbek Zikreev at ONE 159: De Ridder vs. Bigdash. The fight took place on December 10, 2017.

On their Instagram account, ONE Championship used the following caption to describe the bloody scene:

“A living work of art ” The kickboxing match between Zhang Peimian and Rui Botelho will take place on November 3 at ONE Fight Night 16 and will be broadcast on primevideo under the hashtag “#ZhangPeimian.”

Following that incredible head kick, fans all over the internet have reacted in droves to the clip that was posted on Instagram. However, they were more amazed by Zikreev, his Russian opponent, as seen by the applause they gave to his insane iron chin in the face of such a seismic punch.

You can find their responses down below:

Commentary from the audience
Commentary from the audience
The events that took place in June were but a sample of Zhang Peimian’s formidable combat prowess at the elite level.

Without trying to be overly dramatic, we can say that ‘The Fighting Rooster’ is constructed from materials worthy of winning a world championship. To this point, he has amassed three victories in ONE Championship, two of which were awarded to him via decision and one via a stoppage.

Zhang is certain that he will step right back in there after a couple of more victories and finish the world champion in style, despite the fact that he lost the empty ONE strawweight kickboxing belt to Jonathan Di Bella by a hair in October of last year. The fight took place for the vacant ONE strawweight kickboxing belt.

Watch ‘The Fighting Rooster,’ Zhang Peimian, compete against Rui Botelho on November 3 at ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade. The event will take place in Singapore.

Amazon Prime Video subscribers in North America will be able to watch the event live and for free as it takes place inside the renowned Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Thailand.

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