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Fans are at a loss for words after hearing Gordon Ryan’s controversial opinion about Jeffrey Epstein, which states, “I didn’t realize that taking steroids also kills brain cells.”


The latest remark that Gordon Ryan made in relation to the ongoing investigation into Jeffrey Epstein has created a lot of confusion among supporters.

Ryan has never been shy about giving his ideas on current events online, and he recently took to Instagram to provide an alternative opinion on the individuals related to Epstein or his island. Ryan’s opinions have always been expressed online.

On his account, the ADCC champion who has won several times posted the following:

“Has this been brought up by anyone yet? If you go to an opulent island that is owned by a billionaire who used it to traffic children, this does not necessarily mean that you are a pedophile or that you are aware of his operations.How many of the individuals were involved in the scheme? Perhaps. On the other hand, you cannot presume that every single individual who was his friend was involved in child trafficking. Perhaps it was simply his friend who was looking for a pleasant place to get away from it all. As far as I can tell, nobody has brought this up.

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According to the tweets of @cmander0811, one of the fans brought up the possibility that Gordon Ryan had used steroids as a justification for his statement.

“I didn’t realize taking steroids also killed brain cells.”

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Their astonished reactions were shared online by a large number of other fans:

“Been done with him and Meragali edgelording.””He’s the worst””After he exploited the murder of Leandro as an excuse to spout shite, I was completely out on him. It’s not an act; he’s no better than a dog.

Where do they believe the victims were going to be? Every single one of them knew about it, but they were either in on it or too afraid to talk about it. It has been a filthy secret in Hollywood for f***ing decades now.

Gordon Ryan believes Leon Edwards showed “weakness” by allowing Colby Covington to upset him

On the final program of the year, which was held on December 17, UFC 296 featured the main event, which featured Leon Edwards and Colby Covington.

Several days before the event, it became one of the most anticipated events of the year as a result of the comments that Covington made regarding Edwards’ late father during the pre-fight press conference.

It was him who said:

This is the eighth level of hell that I am going to transport you to. “While we are there, we will discuss the situation with your father.”
Watch the video below beginning at one minute:

With his contentious statements, “Chaos” came dangerously close to inciting a fight on stage; yet, Gordon Ryan is of the opinion that the welterweight champion’s emotional response was a display of weakness.

In the aftermath of the media event, he updated his Instagram account with the following thoughts:

Considering that this is coming from someone who is constantly hearing others talk about his deceased father, who gives a F? It’s about to become ugly between the two of you, hahaha. When you are in a work setting, you should refrain from allowing words to affect you. The only thing it accomplishes is to demonstrate weakness.

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