Fan reactions include the phrase “speed running being unlikeable” in response to Ian Garry’s assertion that he may become “too big too quick” to headline a UFC card in Ireland.

It is anticipated that Ian Garry will make his comeback to the octagon when he competes against Geoff Neal at UFC 298 this coming weekend. Recently, “The Future” disclosed that it is possible that he will become too popular to headline a card in Ireland.

During the media day for the event, the welterweight who is rated tenth was asked about the possibility of bringing the promotion back to his native country. He responded by saying:

“I have hope. I’ve been expressing it, and I’ve been discussing it extensively. I simply worry that I will become too big and too fast, and that they will never be able to go back to their previous size. To tell you the truth, I go out on Saturday night and I bury Geoff Neal in the dirt. Is it already too late to do that? Are we at a position where Ian Garry is too big of a star to return to the game? It is my intention to do everything in my power to ensure that this occurs.
Take a look at the following statements made by Ian Garry regarding the possibility of bringing the Ultimate Fighting Championship back to Ireland:

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There was a response from fans to Garry’s assertions that he was too big to compete in Ireland. @gamaflight asserted that;

“Ian Garry speed running being unlikeable” @insaneworldeven is of the opinion that he does not wish to drop out of competition in his home country:

Ian Garry issues warning to Sean Strickland

One of the most outspoken individuals who voiced their disapproval of Ian Garry’s marriage to Layla Anna-Lee was Sean Strickland. The welterweight fighter who is rated No. 10 announced his intention to get revenge on the former middleweight champion during his remarks at the media day for UFC 298, which was held in Las Vegas.

I’m going to blow Sean Strickland’s mouth out one day, and there won’t be anything he can do to stop me from doing it. I will have a conversation with him. I’m going to dance right in front of him. I am not going to let anything stop me from doing what I want because the truth is that when we are finally confined in that cage one day, he will never be able to deal with me… If you insult people who are a part of my circle when they do not deserve it, then you are acting inappropriately.
Below you will find the whole comments made by the welterweight who is rated tenth:

Garry went on to say that Strickland is not the voice that people should listen to, adding that he has pain that is firmly embedded in his life. ‘Tarzan’ was given the advice by ‘The Future’ to maintain his silence and work through his own personal problems.

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