Fan dares former UFC fighter to share views on homosexuality with AKA teammate Khabib Nurmagomedov

Deron Winn, a former UFC fighter, asserts that if necessary, he would confront Khabib Nurmagomedov about his homophobic views.

When Nate Marquardt made a series of homophobic tweets over an advertisement that aired at UFC Vegas 69, MMA fans were incensed. Winn was one of several who made fun of Marquardt for his viewpoint. As a result, a supporter posed the following query to the American Kickboxing Academy competitor:

Would you tell Khabib or any of your Muslim teammates—who essentially hold the same beliefs on homosexuality as Nate—this?
Winn’s response was as follows:

The former student of Lindenwood University has been Nurmagomedov and other Muslims’ training partners at AKA for a number of years. The contentious subject is unrelated to the teammates, despite the former UFC fighter’s threat to face them. It was Marquardt who made the homophobic remarks in public, and Winn has directly addressed him on social media.

Deron Winn responds to former UFC fighter Nate Marquardt’s homophobic comments

Several individuals were offended by Nate Marquardt’s statement that homosexuality shouldn’t be depicted in advertisements. The former middleweight champion of Strikeforce felt compelled to answer because of the enormous backlash. He tweeted the following:

“Saying that homosexuality, paedophilia, or fornication is abhorrent is not hate speech. Being silent while the culture glorifies actions that send individuals to Hell is not love (1Cor 6:9-11). Protecting children from the terrible, deranged propaganda of this world is not hateful, but loving.

Deron Winn responded to Marquardt’s defence with the following:

It’s crazy, buddy, to try to lump paedophilia and homosexuality together. Moreover, fornication is taking place everywhere on the earth. Release it. It’s 2023, buddy, and there are a lot of gay people around who don’t disturb anyone. Quite simply, I think that’s the least of our concerns.
With a 5-0 record, Winn makes his UFC debut in June 2019. The AKA fighter got off to a terrible start, losing to Darren Stewart and Gerald Meerschaert in his opening two matches. Fortunately for him, he recovered and defeated Antonio Arroyo by unanimous decision in December 2020.

After a two-year sabbatical, the 33-year-old sustained a horrific beating against Phil Hawes, leading to his removal from the promotion. What the former student of Lindenwood University will do next is unknown.

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