Fabricio Andrade has stated that he will not underestimate his “good opponent” Jonathan Haggerty on ONE Fight Night 15.

Fabricio Andrade will challenge himself to compete at a higher level than usual at ONE Fight Night 15 on October 6. He want to leave an even bigger legacy.

“Wonder Boy” has been victorious over the vast majority of the top competitors in the bantamweight division, and as a result, he currently holds the title of world champion. It is common knowledge that the Brazilian’s strength lies in striking, despite the fact that he possesses a diverse set of MMA talents overall.

Andrade has been undefeated since joining with ONE Championship thanks to his shrewd shot selection, pinpoint accuracy, and evasive movement. On his route to becoming the 26-pound champion, Andrade has finished multiple fights in spectacular fashion, which have been featured in highlight reels.

The next time out, the Brazilian competitor will compete for the vacant ONE bantamweight kickboxing world championship using a rule system that only permits hitting.

On the other side of the ring will be Jonathan Haggerty, the current bantamweight titleholder and world champion in Muay Thai. He will be competing against him. Both of these men are competing in multiple sports on this bill in an effort to become multi-sport champions.

Haggerty is a highly respected striker who pulled off a monumental upset to unseat Nong-O Hama at ONE Fight Night 9 and become a two-time Muay Thai champion under the ONE banner. Haggerty’s victory made him the first fighter in ONE history to accomplish both of these feats.

Andrade is aware that he will be entering his opponent’s world as the 15th episode of Fight Night unfolds, but he is not one to back down from a challenge.

Fabricio Andrade expressed his admiration for Haggerty and all that he has accomplished inside the ring in an interview with ONE Championship. Andrade spoke about his regard for Haggerty as follows:

“He enjoyed a very successful career. He has fought some really outstanding opponents in ONE Championship, and he is a good opponent despite having some ups and downs in his career.
Amazon Prime Video subscribers in North America will be able to watch ONE Fight Night 15 live and for free on the service provided by Amazon Prime Video.

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