Fabricio Andrade is shown here giving head coach John Hutchinson a cheek knock during a training session.

Fabricio Andrade, the current bantamweight world champion of ONE, came dangerously close to knocking out his own coach this week while using the mitts in training.

On Tuesday, the fiery Brazilian returned to his gym, Tiger Muay Thai, and made an entrance that could not have been more impressive given the circumstances. Andrade was performing the routine pad work that he always does when suddenly, an uppercut went right for John Hutchinson’s chin instead of the padding.

If his trainer hadn’t avoided the blow to the face in the nick of time, the client would have been subjected to a terrible blow to the face.

Fabricio Andrade uploaded the video to his Instagram account and captioned it with the following:

“Coach almost went to sleep early @johnboyboxing,” tweeted John Boy Boxing’s trainer.

Five months have passed since the last time ‘Wonder Boy’ successfully defended his world title, which he did against John Lineker at ONE Fight Night 7 on Prime Video. During these extended months of rest, he has been coaching and mentoring future rising stars at Tiger Muay Thai gym, in addition to attending ONE events that have been held in Thailand.

But now that he has some time to himself, Andrade is going to continue writing his novel. There have been no announcements made regarding the date or time of his next fight; however, the competitor for the second spot in the bantamweight division that he will most likely meet is Stephen Loman.

The Filipino prospect’s record in ONE now stands at three wins in a row with no defeats to his name. It was due to his victories over famous opponents such as Bibiano Fernandes (by decision) and Yusup Saadulaev (through knockout) that he was given the opportunity to compete for a world championship.

Andrade, on his part, has always devalued Loman’s accomplishments. He refers to Loman as a fighter he once felt was good but, after witnessing him beat two “old men” to get the title shot, he does not believe Loman has the skill sets to match in order to become champion.

Therefore, Fabricio Andrade is delighted to return to the ring, and the fans can’t wait to witness the Brazilian youth put on yet another exciting display before the year is up.

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