Fabricio Andrade reports that his old kickboxing talents are making a comeback: “My memory is slowly starting to come back to me.”

Fabricio “Wonder Boy” Andrade, who currently holds the title of ONE bantamweight MMA world champion, is on the cusp of greatness. He has the unique possibility to become a two-time ONE world champion in the sports of mixed martial arts and kickboxing, and he would be the first of his kind to do so.

Andrade is scheduled to compete against ‘The General’ Jonathan Haggerty, who is now the reigning ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion. At stake is the vacant bantamweight kickboxing belt, which was vacated by Petchtanong Petchfergus, who is currently serving a one-year suspension for the use of prohibited performance-enhancing chemicals. Andrade will be challenging Haggerty for the title.

On Friday, October 6, these two will go head to head during the ONE Fight Night 15 event that will be streamed live on Prime Video. The fight will take place at the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, Andrade began his professional MMA career as a striker exclusively. In point of fact, before making his debut in mixed martial arts with ONE Championship in 2020, ‘Wonder Boy’ worked away in the kickboxing levels in China, seeking to establish a name for himself.

Because of this, Andrade claims that all of his memories are starting to come flooding back as his comeback to kickboxing draws near.

Andrade discussed his journey to self-assurance in a recent interview with the South China Morning Post. The conversation was conducted in preparation for Andrade’s battle with Haggerty.

The book “Wonder Boy” said:

“Yes, I have competed against some formidable adversaries as well. My most recent bout in kickboxing took place in 2019, thus it has been quite some time since my previous match. Now that I’m starting to go back into kickboxing, I’m starting to get my memory back, and you know, recall this fight [and that fight], as well as the experience that I had in China and other places. I’ve got much more drive to get things done now.”

Please see the interview further down:

Will Andrade be able to channel this passion into winning another world title? Now all we can do is wait and watch what happens.

Fans in the United States and Canada have the opportunity to watch ONE Fight Night 15 live and for free on Amazon Prime Video. The event will take place in New York City.

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