Even against Rodtang, according to Liam Harrison, Superlek is untouchable at the flyweight level.

Liam Harrison, who is ranked fifth among ONE bantamweight Muay Thai contenders, does not believe that we will see a major upset in the forthcoming fight between Superlek Kiatmoo9 and ONE rookie Nabil Anane, which will take place on Friday.

In a little under twenty-four hours, the two flyweight Muay Thai sluggers will square off against each other at Lumpinee Stadium for the main event of ONE Friday Fights 22. Given his impressive resume, Superlek is widely regarded as the prohibitive favorite to win his upcoming match in ‘The Art of Eight Limbs,’ where he has a perfect record of 6-0 inside the Circle thus far.

Following his first successful defense of the ONE flyweight kickboxing world title, “The Kicking Machine” is anxious to score another knockout victory while using four-ounce gloves. However, there is a towering adversary who is 19 years old and looking to establish a name for himself at Superlek’s expense. This adversary stands in Superlek’s way.

Nabil, who stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, is the youngest person to ever win the WBC Muay Thai World Championship. If he can pull off the almost impossible and win against his legendary countryman in Muay Thai, he will be granted the chance to rocket to the top of the flyweight division.

Harrison has a healthy amount of skepticism regarding Nabil’s prospects, despite the fact that he possesses an exceptional talent. In an interview with ONE Championship, “The Hitman” gave his frank opinion on the following topics:

“At that weight, I don’t see anyone beating Superlek, and that includes [the reigning ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion] Rodtang,” I said. “It’s just not going to happen.”

Liam Harrison, much like the rest of us, was looking forward to the rumored super-fight that was going to take place between Rodtang and Superlek at ONE Fight Night 8 in March of last year. However, because of the injury bug, we were unable to compete in that match, and it is still unknown whether or not it will ever be rescheduled.

Although Superlek is now ranked top in the flyweight division of the Muay Thai competition, one could argue that his victory over Nabil doesn’t really accomplish anything to advance his standing.

At ONE Friday Fights 22, which starts in just a few hours, we will find out whether or not Liam Harrison’s prediction was accurate.

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