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Erin Blanchfield comments on Jessica Andrade’s breast slip claims 


Erin Blanchfield disagrees with Jessica Andrade’s assertions that a wardrobe malfunction during their fight contributed to the Brazilian losing, saying that they don’t detract from her performance.

In UFC Vegas 69, “Cold Blooded” put on an incredible performance against the former strawweight champion, finishing “Bate Estaca” with a second-round submission for the biggest victory of her professional career to date.
After the match, Andrade unexpectedly admitted that her distraction from her breast poking out of her top during the final exchange prevented her from properly blocking Blanchfield’s attempt to take her down. Many people have questioned if it affected the outcome of the fight, yet she declined to call it an explanation for her defeat.

Erin Blanchfield addressed the allegations in a recent interview with LowKick MMA and said she doesn’t believe she won because Andrade was preoccupied:
She said nothing during the altercation, and I barely saw anything… I am aware that when people suffer such losses, they frequently search for any and all potential causes.
Blanchfield went on to say

“Let’s assume worst case scenario, the takedown stemmed from that, her completely giving up her back and letting me just choke her without defending has nothing to do with what had happened maybe a minute earlier. Thus, I don’t really believe it detracts from me.

Erin Blanchfield title shot: ‘Cold Blooded’ predicts Valentina Shevchenko vs. Alexa Grasso

After her convincing win over Jessica Andrade at UFC Vegas 69, Erin Blanchfield rocketed up the flyweight rankings to No. 3. Cold Blooded has a strong case to make for a shot at the title because Manon Fiorot is the only competitor above her. She has already reaffirmed her desire to defeat Valentina Shevchenko and win the title.
During her eighth championship defence at UFC 285, “Bullet” will take against Alexa Grasso. If Blanchfield or Fiorot prevail, they will likely challenge Shevchenko for the flyweight title and put up a fight.

Erin Blanchfield said Shevchenko will defeat Grasso in the same interview with LowKick MMA, and she projected that Shevchenko will be scheduled to face the flyweight champion next:

“Given that Alexa Grasso is a skilled fighter in her own right, I think Valentina will prevail. In general, I believe Valentina to be slightly more well-rounded. She should be able to assert herself a bit more, in my opinion.”
The 23-year-old American said when asked if anyone else could take on Shevchenko in her absence:

“Who else are they going to put, so I believe I’ll be the next candidate for the title? I believe I look just like that illustration.”

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