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“Easier to believe in the moon landing” is Paulo Costa’s response to the Christmas decorations that Vice President Joe Biden of the United States used.


The sense of humor and wit that Paulo Costa, a middleweight fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has displayed on social media in recent times has been very beneficial to his profile, particularly as a result of his absence from the cage.

Recently, Costa responded to a photograph that was posted on X (which was formerly known as Twitter) that showed President Joe Biden participating in some Christmas decorations. Costa made a hilarious statement:

“It’s easier to believe in the moon landing than to believe he climbed that step alone”
Observe the tweet that Paulo Costa posted here:

Enlarge the Tweet
For his part, Costa has previously voiced his dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden. He has stated his disgust in the past. In the past, he has referred to Vice President Joe Biden as “weak,” and he has even gone on to assert that Vladimir Putin is a more capable leader.

Indeed, Paulo Costa wrote the following in a post that he made on Instagram in March of 2022:

“Unlike Biden or Macron, Vladimir Putin is not a weak leader,” said the person. He is a former member of the military who survived a stab wound to the abdomen at one point in his life. He represents a higher level of global leadership. No matter how much you despise it, the fact remains.

Visit this link to read the post:

Given the increasingly tense situation that existed between Russia and Ukraine at the time, it is not surprising that Costa was subjected to a great deal of criticism for the post. With that being said, ‘Borrachinha’s’ stance on Biden has not altered in the slightest, as evidenced by his most recent tweet.

Paulo Costa details why he will be victorious against Robert Whittaker

At UFC 298 in February of 2024, Paulo Costa is scheduled to compete against Robert Whittaker, who formerly held the title of middleweight champion. He took to X to explain the reasons why he believes he has the upper hand in the fight that is scheduled to take place with ‘The Reaper.’

In the manner that is typical of Costa, he wrote:

“All of you here, allow me to make a statement. You can make 170 pounds to welterweight, therefore even if you go up to a higher weight class, you will still be considered a welterweight. You are not at the same stage as I am; you are simply a significant amount of weight above me. Having stated that, they are so terrified of appearing in front of me. Both Usam and Gourmet Chenchen are experiencing the same situation at the moment. I’m sorry, people, but I’m still in the middleweight.”
A humorous picture of Robert Whittaker diving into a swimming pool was attached to the tweet that was sent out during the event. The social media game that Costa is playing is not showing any signs of slowing down, despite the fact that he is not active inside the cage.

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