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During the UFC 296 event, Leon Edwards expressed his desire to put Colby Covington into retirement by saying, “I can’t see him sticking around.”


Next weekend, the main event of UFC 296 will feature a fight for the welterweight title between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington. The fight is scheduled to take place.

Due to the fact that ‘Chaos’ is three years older than Edwards, the welterweight champion believes that Covington may decide to call it quits with his career after the pay-per-view event.

According to “Rocky,” the reason he does not believe that Covington will continue his career into the year 2024 is because of the rising competitors who are currently occupying the top 15 rankings at 170 pounds.

Edwards made the observation that ‘Chaos’ has reportedly declined battles against certain competitors, including as Shavkat Rakhmonov, and the welterweight champion is unable to imagine the Californian altering his mind about competing against these possible opponents.

MMAFightingonSBN recently had an interview with Edwards, during which he highlighted the probable future of his forthcoming opponent throughout the discussion. It was him who said:

When I finally put the final nail in his casket, it will be a great pleasure for me… It’s hard for me to imagine him staying around and engaging in combat with all of these younger guys. It is impossible for me to imagine him having the same mentality and the same level of effort to go out there and fight against these younger people because he has already rejected all of them.
He went on to say:

“He’s used to defeating guys like Robbie Lawler… guys who are going a little bit over the border,” the speaker said. They are between the ages of 37 and 38, and they have served in wars… He is accustomed to defeating individuals of that nature. Now, going out there and defeating these young, fit, and motivated guys is something I just don’t see happening.

Leon Edwards is ready for whatever Colby Covington can throw at him at UFC 296

“The Nigerian Nightmare” was knocked out cold by a devastating head kick that Leon Edwards delivered during their fight at UFC 278. This allowed Edwards to win the welterweight title against Kamaru Usman. An instant rematch between the two fighters took place at UFC 286, which ‘Rocky’ ultimately prevailed in by way of a unanimous decision.

The welterweight champion was interviewed by ESPN Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) prior to his bout with Colby Covington. During the interview, he expressed his thoughts on the likely strategy that ‘Chaos’ will employ on the day of the fight:

“I don’t understand how someone who is 36 or 35 years old and has fought the same manner for the past however many years is going to become completely different when they finally break out of their shell. There is no way that could take place… There is a lot of pressure coming from him, and he is swing boxing in order to aim at you and grind you out. If you can beat the clock, you will be successful. I believe that everyone is aware of what he is going to do, and thus, I am ready for it.

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