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During the time that Elon Musk was subjected to severe punishments for using marijuana that was “federally illegal” on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he stated, “They drug tested me for everything.”


Once upon a time, Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX were subjected to severe repercussions as a result of their participation in Joe Rogan’s podcast.

There is little doubt that The Joe Rogan Experience is among the most well-known and influential podcasts in the entire world. A great number of well-known individuals have appeared on the show of the UFC color commentator during the course of his career. This was the first time that the founder of Tesla appeared on JRE, which took place in 2018.

At one point during the episode, the founder of Tesla took one puff of a marijuana joint, and it became a big topic. Despite the fact that Musk and Rogan had smart chats about a variety of subjects, controversy broke up as soon as the show was shown.

Musk disclosed this information during an appearance on the Full Send Podcast in 2022. He stated that as a consequence of his conduct, he and his whole SpaceX team were required to undergo a series of random drug tests for a period of one year.

I did receive a lot of criticism due to the fact that marijuana is still considered to be illegal on the federal level. So, it’s actually quite nuts to think about. Following that, I was required to undergo random drug tests and other medical examinations in order to demonstrate that I am not a drug addict… I was subjected to random drug testing for everyone and everything. There was no such thing as “pick a day.” I was subjected to random drug tests for what seemed like an entire year… It turned out that the repercussions for both SpaceX and me were not favorable. Due to the fact that it is against the law at the federal level and SpaceX has contracts with the federal government. I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t only me who was affected; the entire corporation was.

Joe Rogan tells Dustin Poirier to “be ready” for his upcoming fight against Benoit Saint Denis

Dustin Poirier, a former interim lightweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is scheduled to face Benoit Saint Denis, a rising contender, on the loaded UFC 299 show later this month.

After suffering a knockout loss to Justin Gaethje in their match for the BMF title at UFC 291, Poirier is currently riding high on his victory. In contrast, Saint Denis will enter the octagon riding a four-fight winning streak, with all four victories coming via stoppage. Saint Denis will be competing against Saint Denis.

During a recent episode of JRE, Joe Rogan made the following statement in reference to the fight they were discussing:

The next level is reached by Benoit Saint Denis. The fires that are burning in his eyes are blazing… He was designed to do it. Dustin had better get ready to go because he is going to try to establish a name for himself among the general public.

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