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During the course of his popular video, Sage Northcutt explains the reasoning behind his decision to train with hay bales, saying, “At least a thousand pounds for sure.”


Not only do fighters typically have training regimens that take place outside of the convention, but Sage Northcutt has one that is uniquely his.

Despite the fact that Northcutt spends the majority of his time in California, he occasionally travels to Texas to visit his family and assist them on their farm. The ‘Lone Star State’ was the location where the American celebrity was seen rolling a large bale of hay, which has subsequently added to his already impressive list of incredible feats of strength.

There have been other copies of that movie that have been shared on the internet, and many people have frequently pondered the weight of that particular quantity of hay.

On the other hand, Northcutt ultimately disclosed in an interview with ESPN the reasons behind his actions and talked about how difficult it was to roll a bale of that size.

Is ‘Super’ According to Sage, rolling that enormous amount of grass was like to going to the gym and attempting to improve upon a personal record through weight training.

According to Sage Northcutt:

You should know that it is different. As opposed to pulling up anything like a dead weight or deadlifting, for example, this is like something completely different. The deadlift is significantly heavier than this exercise, but because you are pushing it, it is considerably simpler. If I had to guess, I would say that it is probably at least one thousand pounds on the whole.

At the ONE 165: Superlek vs. Takeru event, which will take place on January 28 at Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Northcutt will attempt to channel that raw strength once more when he competes against Shinya Aoki, a legendary fighter from Japan.

Sage Northcutt is pumped up to finally face Shinya Aoki

In the field of mixed martial arts, Shinya Aoki has already established an indisputable legacy.

Since the days of PRIDE FC, the former ONE lightweight MMA world champion has been wrecking havoc, and many younger stars consider ‘Tobikan Judan’ to be someone they would love to have a dream battle with.

This encompasses Sage Northcutt as well.

Earlier this year, during the first press conference for ONE 165, the two finally faced one other, and a bit of controversy has already arisen between them since then.

Fighters are frequently instructed to stand face to face with one another, as is common for media appearances of this nature. The Japanese superstar chose to disregard Northcutt’s attempt to shake his hand, despite the fact that Northcutt had made the attempt.

Within the context of an interview with ONE Championship, Northcutt stated that Aoki’s choice to disregard his pleasantries served as a source of further motivation for him heading into the card:

“Man, it just gives me a boost of energy to the point where I want to go train even more intensely. Out there, I’m going to make an effort to hit him exceptionally hard. I am not in the least bit irritated by it. I found it to be rather fascinating.

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