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During the course of a year, did Dana White pay Joe Pyfer’s rent? Be aware of the generous act that the CEO of the UFC has performed.


One of the most prestigious accolades in the entire world of mixed martial arts (MMA) has recently been bestowed onto Joe Pyfer: the generosity of Dana White. Pyfer, who is 27 years old, had a string of bad luck, and the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has showed his softer side by rescuing him from the possibility of being homeless. This is despite the fact that he is one of the most hard-nosed executives in the field.

White was informed not too long ago about the challenges that he was facing in terms of his financial status by the middleweight who was on a tear. Specifically, it took place after Pyfer had secured a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on Dana White’s Contender Series 47, making him the only fighter to do so. After learning about Pyfer’s plight, White made a payment equal to the amount of rent that he had to pay for an entire year.

Nevertheless, this is not the first time that the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has offered his own athletes some sympathy. Instead, he just does not divulge the good deeds that he frequently performs, as he stated to the journalists who attended the post-fight news conference for Dana White’s Contender Series Season 6 – Week 9 on September 21, 2022.

A great number of the things that I do for a great number of people are not necessarily things that I talk about. At the time that I was leaving the press conference that evening, Joe Pyfer informed me that he was on the verge of being homeless. Indeed, it is not going to take place.
Please take a look at the comments that Dana White made regarding Joe Pyfer’s situation (8:44):

Jack Hermansson, a grappler extraordinaire and a regular in the middleweight division, is going to be the opponent for the 27-year-old fighter. In the main event of UFC Vegas 86, the two competitors will square off against one another. Both of these men are at various stages of their professional lives. At the moment, the Norwegian-Swede can be described as going through a difficult period.

Since the year 2019, he has not been on a winning run, and, over the course of his most recent seven fights, he has a record of 3–4 with Roman Dolidze being his most recent opponent after a loss. While this is going on, his opponent, Pyfer, is currently victorious in seven consecutive fights.

Did Joe Pyfer really break Francis Ngannou’s punch record?

Francis Ngannou, a former heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is widely considered to be one of the most fearsome punchers in the history of combat sports. Not so long ago, he scored 129,161 units, which allowed him to break the record for the most powerful punch that has ever been recorded. On the other hand, Joe Pyfer really surpassed that record by selling 170,218 individuals.

Please have a look at Joe Pyfer demonstrating evidence of his punch record:

Enlarge the Tweet
Pyfer appears to hit 31.7% harder than Ngannou, according to the score differential, which suggests something. On the other hand, it is still possible that there were other factors at play. When compared to Ngannou’s frame, Pyfer’s frame is slightly smaller, which makes it easier for him to generate force. The force that Pyfer was able to generate was a product of mass multiplied by acceleration.

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