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During the Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov beef, Cris Cyborg’s desire for a major rule change in the UFC, similar to those in the NBA,


In the midst of the beef between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, Cris Cyborg once proposed a significant rule change that would make the UFC more like the NBA.

McGregor and Nurmagomedov engaged in what is widely regarded as one of the most heated rivalry in the annals of UFC history. In 2018, the pair met inside of an octagon, and ‘The Eagle’ was able to emerge victorious and win the fight by way of a submission in the fourth round.

Despite this, their competition did not end as a result of this. Several months after their encounter in the UFC, the two were engaging in verbal sparring with each other on Twitter until Cris Cyborg made the decision to get involved. The former UFC champion resorted to Twitter in order to express his desire for the MMA organization to adopt a strict code of conduct similar to that of the NBA. In her words:

“There are times when I wish that athletes competing in the UFC were held to a code of conduct comparable to that of those competing in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.” Because of the things they say on the internet. Since the sports are being broadcast on ESPN, we are getting into the homes of a greater number of younger viewers. We must work together, not against one another; this is why we play sports!

Cris Cyborg clapped back at Sean O’Malley for suggesting a separate women’s MMA promotion

At the beginning of this year, the bantamweight champion of the UFC, Sean O’Malley, made a request that was quite contentious. O’Malley brought up the idea of a separate women’s mixed martial arts promotion when appearing on an episode of the Timbo Sugar Show podcast.

Sean O’Malley questioned whether or not an all-women’s campaign would be successful in selling out events and said the following:

“What if there was something called the ‘WUFC?'” Imagine if they were running their own show. How long might it last? will they be able to offer pay-per-views, and do you think arenas will be completely full? It is still the UFC, it is still Dana, and it is still the UFC that is advertising and pushing for these matches… How long might it last? We’re not trying to imply that they aren’t any good. When we talk about entertainment, we’re not talking about anything else.”

Watch the video below (starting at 00:11) to hear Sean O’Malley’s thoughts on the matter:

Cris Cyborg, who was taken aback by Sean O’Malley’s remarks, fired out at him on Twitter to let him know how she felt about them. Cyborg remarked this while she was reflecting on the fact that O’Malley used to compete on the undercards of her UFC fights:

“I distinctly recall the Suga Show competing on one of my undercards… The UFC was making an effort to publicize him to potential customers. I have no recollection, but I believe that he was unsuccessful on that night.”

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