During a Reddit AMA, Demetrious Johnson offers some educational advice to a fan.

Demetrious Johnson has always tried his best to interact with his followers.

Along with being one of the best mixed martial artists of all time, “Mighty Mouse” is well-known for his work on the YouTube and Twitch platforms, where he analyses fights and plays video games, another of his interests.

Johnson is able to interact with fans through his numerous platforms, letting them watch him play video games live on stream before competing in ONE Championship.

The ONE flyweight world champion held a Reddit AMA in advance of his return to the ring at ONE Fight Night 10 on Prime Video, where he will take against Adriano Moraes for a third time.

When he gave his supporters the chance to ask him any questions they had, most of them concerned his profession, but other people used the chance to seek counsel from one of the top minds in combat sports.

User Cgb591rocks asked “Mighty Mouse” for advice because he wants to emulate one of the best players of all time.

He queried:

What guidance would you give to a young man like me who is battling a neuromuscular disease and want to grow up to be just like you? (Fight in StreetBeefs and probably lose)?

While he might have anticipated some martial arts advise from DJ, what he actually heard were some smart remarks that encouraged him to pursue completely different goals.

Johnson remarked:

“Outperform me.” enrol in college, obtain a decent degree, and develop a product that will make you wealthy.
Cgb591rocks sent DJ a thought-provoking reply:

Soon, a retailer near you will have Might Mouse bobbleheads.
Unfortunately for this user, it appears that Johnson was there first:

“Some already did, I don’t think you can still purchase them.”

In one of the biggest main events in ONE Championship history, Demetrious Johnson will attempt to defend the ONE flyweight world title against Adriano Moraes at ONE Fight Night 10 on May 5 at the 1stBank Center.

All of the action from ONE Fight Night 10 can be seen live and for free on Prime Video for anyone in North America.

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