Dubai hospital releases statement on Andrew Tate’s health report being leaked online

Since he continues to be detained in Romania, Andrew Tate has recently been the subject of cancer rumours.

Tate’s manager confirmed the claims that surfaced after the contentious kickboxer was released from detention in January to visit a hospital. A subsequent paperwork from the King’s College Hospital London-Dubai that was leaked revealed a cancerous tumour in Tate’s lungs.

A letter from a certain Dr. Ali Razzak was also included in the report, asking for Tate to be immediately returned to the UAE for medical reasons. The King’s College Hospital has now strongly defended its doctor and denounced the disclosure of the reports.

According to the hospital, Dr. Razzak was a “committed and compassionate carer” who always had his patients’ “background, race, gender, or social standing” in mind. The Khaleej Times was informed by King’s College Hospital that:

“We confirm that one of our family medicine doctors, Dr. Ali Razzak, who serves as the medical director of King’s Dubai Marina Medical Centre, wrote the letter, which describes Mr. Tate’s visits to our hospital in Dubai Hills, the Medical Center in Dubai Marina, and the Medical Center in Jumeirah, as well as the diagnostic tests he underwent.
The leak did not originate from King’s College Hospital London-Dubai, which was confirmed by their statement that:

“vehemently denounced the disclosure of Mr. Tate’s medical letter, which contains sensitive facts about his health and wellbeing. We adhere zealously to the highest norms of doctor-patient confidentiality.
Meanwhile, Andrew Tate has refuted all cancer-related speculations and insists that the scar on his lung is the result of a previous conflict.

Dr. Ali Razzak’s letter seeking Andrew Tate’s repatriation

In December 2022, Tristan Tate and Andrew Tate were both taken into custody in Romania. According to reports, Tate underwent a number of medical tests and examinations in Dubai before to his detention, which discovered a lung lesion.

According to recent allegations that have surfaced, Tate had a CT scan on December 12 and was due to have more tests like a bronchoscopy and a PET CT scan that physician Ali Razzak deemed essential.

In the since-leaked letter, Dr. Ali Razzak demanded that the self-described misogynist be immediately returned to the United Arab Emirates.

“In order for Andrew to undertake these medical examinations as soon as possible, it is my professional medical recommendation that he be quickly deported to the United Arab Emirates. Time is of the importance, and any additional delays in the aforementioned investigations could seriously harm Andrew’s physical condition. In case you need any additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.”

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