Drake’s boast that he “has robbed a living” prompted Chael Sonnen, a former UFC fighter, to make a suggestion about a rapper that Drake would like.

After the former UFC championship challenger Darren Till made a bold accusation about the rapper Drake, Chael Sonnen recently provided a music suggestion to Till as a way to diffuse the situation.

Till last competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in December of the previous year, but he was defeated by Dricus du Plessis. After this loss, ‘The Gorilla’ has now lost five of his previous six fights in a row. After that, he made a request to be released from his contract, and his request was granted.

Till has continued his ventures in cryptocurrencies and is also working toward the establishment of his own fight promotion since he took a break from mixed martial arts. The Liverpool native has recently reminded fans of his audacious and outrageous personality, which has resulted in his criticizing the rapper Drake, who has won multiple Grammy awards.

Till asserts that the Canadian rap singer is living off of stolen money and that he possesses no “talent.” On X, he had written:

“I’m going to say something that I’ve been thinking for a while, and I don’t think anyone will agree with me when I say this, but that Drake fellow has robbed a living, and I simply don’t know what his gift is. His lyrics are repetitive, as are his tunes, and they all have the same tone. The same as that ginger twit Ed Sheeran.”

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Chael Sonnen, a fan-favorite veteran fighter, decided to weigh in on Darren Till’s remarks, in which Till suggested that the British fighter listen to Jay-Z. Sonnen wrote: “I’m not a fan of Darren Till.”

Chael Sonnen criticizes Nina Agdal for lawsuit against Dillon Danis

Chael Sonnen has come to Dillon Danis’ defense after expressing his opinion that Nina Agdal’s lawsuit against ‘El Jefe’ is an attention-seeking tactic.

Since it was reported that Danis will be fighting Logan Paul in a boxing match, the Bellator star has chosen to insult both Danis and his fiancee by frequently posting on social media images of Agdal with her ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. Agdal has decided to take legal action and seek a restraining order against Danis after being the target of online harassment for a period of time that spans multiple months.

Chael Sonnen weighed in on the incident and voiced his opinion, in which he condemned Agdal for the activities that she took. According to the character known as “The Bad Guy,” the lawsuit is an odd move that she has taken in order to satisfy her ego:

“I don’t know his fiancee’s name… but she’s got an enormously robust ego to think anybody cares, nobody cares… I don’t know what her name is… I don’t know her name… She is in no way an established figure in this… She is attempting to assert her independence here. She has just said that she will be attending the fight at this time. There is not a single aspect of this that is not an attempt to garner attention.

Sonnen continued:

“And any hurt feelings she’s pretending to have… is because she’s so glued to social media,” the speaker says. The fact that it isn’t real is a huge defect in their character… Regarding this fight, the only thing that cannot be discussed is the pending legal action. That’s a terrible thing to do to someone who works with your fiance, and you should feel awful about it.

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