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Donald Cerrone, a UFC Hall of Famer, discusses his post-retirement life, his time in Hollywood, and other topics.


After leaving mixed martial arts after UFC 276 in July of last year, Donald Cerrone’s career has earned him a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. Recently, the former lightweight title contender talked about how much he is relishing his retirement.”The hair is growing in since I had my hair done. I started taking steroids, so even if I wanted to return immediately away, I couldn’t. I feel great. I feel like chasing Hollywood is similar to starting again and wanting to be a UFC fighter even though I’m healthy, content, and simply enjoying spending plenty of time with the kids and growing up with my family. I’ve just returned to the area.

When asked if he missed mixed martial arts, Donald Cerrone responded:

“I don’t, no. I miss the friendship. I miss every single person back here. I miss it. I don’t miss actually fighting; I just miss the group training and getting ready. It was time to hang up the hat, and as I have stated, my next move is to head to Hollywood. I appreciate moving forward with everything because that’s my upcoming mission, and I’m having a great time on my current adventure.

In order to reach 50 fights between the UFC and World Extreme Cagefighting, which merged with the UFC in 2010, Cerrone acknowledged that there are days when he questions whether he has one more fight left in him and that he has even considered coming back for two more matches. ‘Cowboy’ retired with a 36-17 record in professional mixed martial arts. (2).

Donald Cerrone inducted to UFC Hall of Fame: What did Dana White say about ‘Cowboy’?

Given that “Cowboy” Cerrone retired less than a year ago, his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame came as a bit of a surprise. Dana White, the president of the UFC, commented on the honors, saying:

We adore “Cowboy.” It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone when you consider what he contributed to the WEC before moving here, what he has contributed to the UFC, what he has contributed to the sport as a whole, and how wonderful a person he is as well.Over the course of a 15-year career with the WEC and UFC, Cerrone racked up a 29-17 (2) record, including an 0-4 mark in title fights. He had a 23-14 (1) record in the UFC after the 2010 merger of the two organisations.

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