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“Doesn’t like when you make fun of Megan,” Sean Strickland says after the altercation, revealing what he heard about MGK. He also expresses his consideration of employing defenses that are influenced by Blade.


In the aftermath of their face-to-face confrontation, Sean Strickland has continued to engage in trolling Machine Gun Kelly.

The sixth Power Slap event was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, earlier this week. It was organized by Dana White and her team. As a result of the venue’s presence of notable celebrities including as Tom Brady, Travis Scott, Charles Barkley, and others, the contentious sport once again successfully drew high-level star power.

Sean Strickland, a former champion of the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, was also present and found another way to stir up controversy. A well-known rapper named Machine Gun Kelly, who has been in a long-term relationship with Megan Fox, was a person that Strickland came into contact with. He referred to him as “a weirdo.”

As a follow-up, Strickland announced on Twitter that he had called out ‘MGK,’ including the following remark regarding his relationship with Fox:

“Man” I had only recently learned about Megan… In the time since Transformers, what the hell has happened?! I’m finished… goodnight… fck… fck…. I’m finished… “

Enlarge the Tweet

The following is an example of how Strickland has recently continued to trolling ‘MGK’ on Twitter:

The phrase “Be careful, MGK doesn’t like it when you make fun of Megan” was mentioned by someone. What exactly does that mean? Are there any hollow points that require me to glue wood chips? Should I bring a crossbow with me or not? Do you want to purchase a stake made of wood? What is the process by which I become the new blade?!?!?

What’s next for Sean Strickland in the Octagon?

When Sean Strickland dethroned Israel Adesanya from his position as the UFC middleweight champion in September of 2023, the entire world was taken aback. Four months later, Strickland was defeated by Dricus du Plessis in a fight that ended in a split decision, which was unfortunate for him because it meant that his reign as champion was cut short.

As a result of the razor-thin margin that separated Strickland and Du Plessis, many fans are of the opinion that the middleweight throne should not have been transferred from one fighter to another. As a result, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) might be contemplating an immediate rematch that is contingent on the availability of the top contenders at 185 pounds.

In the case that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) decides to take a different path, Strickland may find himself competing against a number of alternative opponents, such as Paulo Costa or Robert Whittaker, who are slated to fight on February 17 as part of the co-main event of UFC 298.

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