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“Does Andrew Tate have cancer” – Find out what started the health scare rumors about ‘Top G’ 


Controversial influencer Andrew Tate was sentenced by a Romanian court to an additional 30 days in jail on charges of organised crime and people trafficking. The arrest warrants for Tate, his brother Tristan, and two other suspects were once again extended by a court in Bucharest.

Tate or Tristan may have been transported to the hospital, according to rumours that have been circulating about his condition. Investigative journalist Cosmina Pricopie revealed what happened after a case of rape and human trafficking was opened in their identities. Tate’s health problems appear to have been brought to the attention of the jail doctor, who then scheduled a consultation with a specialist at a Bucharest hospital.

Moreover, the Tate brothers’ lawyer had previously in January asserted that they had been admitted to a hospital for a checkup:

He was removed from the Capital Police Central Prison yesterday and sent to a hospital because, in accordance with the rules, when he was arrested, the jail doctor examined him and inquired about any illnesses he might have.

After the alleged hospitalisation, rumours started to spread that Andrew Tate had either been abused or had been given a cancer diagnosis. Yet, there is no evidence or support for the rumours that he has cancer as of yet. Netizens began speculating amid these reports, with one fan posting: “Cancer is not a problem for Andrew Tate. He has no palpitations in his heart. He is in excellent health. You can tell it was a scam if they drugged him or lied about his medical conditions.”

Andrew Tate reveals his prison workout routine

The controversial online personality Andrew Tate and his brother have been jailed on suspicion of involvement in organised crime and human trafficking following the early morning raid on their house in Bucharest on December 29.

Tate and his brother Tristan have both refuted allegations that they took part in the unlawful conduct they are charged with committing. Up until now, their detentions had been extended three times, and earlier this month, they made an unsuccessful bid to be released from custody.

The lawyers for the Tate brothers told the media on Tuesday after the extension application was filed that no fresh evidence was presented at the hearing.

Tate, who also emphasises the value of being active and developing discipline, recently revealed to his devoted fan base how he has maintained his health despite being imprisoned:

“I squat 500 times per day. 500 sit-ups. practise using my tiger paw manoeuvre. 10 miles of walking.”

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