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Do Andrew Tate’s children exist? Here is what “Top G” had to say about his desire to have children.


Andrew Tate, a social media and internet celebrity, has gained notoriety for his divisive opinions and misogynistic attitudes. Although he has made a few discoveries in many of his media appearances, very little is known about his family or his children. Tate acknowledged having between 10 and 12 children and stated his desire to have up to 20 children in total. When asked how many children he had during a live stream conversation with American live streamer and YouTuber Adin Ross, Tate gave a response. If you properly guess the number, I’ll tell you, he said. [2?] 2? F*g 2? You consider me to be a sexist? [5?] You consider me to be a sexist? [10?] Closer. [12?] about that area. How could I not [have]kids]?”

Tate claimed in a different interview with Hugo Rifkind of The Times that he would have more children than 99.9% of people in the western world and that his children adored and looked up to him. Tate said: “I am not going to give numbers but I am certain I will have more children than 99.9% of the population of the western world. two digits of kids. They all adore me, too. They view me as their hero, and the mothers of my offspring also view me in that light. Everyone who knows me well appreciates me. Never once has anyone claimed that what I am doing is bad for the boys. or the females.

Andrew Tate discusses his multiple women’s children and their origins.

Andrew Tate not only has many children but also has multiple mistresses or multiple ‘baby mommas’.

Tate used an analogy while live streaming with Adin Ross to confirm that all of his children had a variety of mothers. Tate continued by misconstruing Islam’s acceptance of four wives in order to support his misogynistic worldview and display a disrespect for childbirth and the menstrual cycle.

He stated:

“Not all different, I mean. Nonetheless, a few ovens have been used to bake the bread. G, women are sluggish. I always say this, I swear. Like, listen, having children with a single woman is great with me. Yet, if it takes nine months to develop a single, straightforward baby, you’re just fooling around. It is your issue. We won’t need to do all of this if you do everything within the next two weeks, get organised, and work more quickly. But if you’re going to delay things by nine months, I’ll need 20 children, therefore I’ll be forced to have four wives as Allah planned.”

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