Dillon Danis’ startling response when asked about the person he has a celebrity crush on invites humorous remarks such as “Idk you seem pretty obsessed with Nina.”

While answering the question of who is Dillon Danis’s celebrity crush, Dillon gave an answer that was somewhat unexpected. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts fighter A is now slated to make his professional boxing debut on the same card as the YouTuber and WWE sensation Logan Paul.

In preparation for his battle with Logan Paul, ‘El Jefe’ has been persistent in his pursuit of Paul’s future wife, the Danish supermodel Nina Agdal. He has on multiple occasions made harsh comments about her personal life and has attacked her for some of the racy modeling photoshoots in which she has participated.

Additionally, Danis has published photographs and videos of Agdal that are not appropriate for all audiences. Reportedly, the supermodel has obtained a restraining order against ‘El Jefe’ and is suing him for harassment as well as defamation of character.

She has made several allegations, the most prominent of which is that Danis leaked her private information into the public sphere after he obtained it by breaking into her social media accounts.

Dillon Danis has continued to make derogatory remarks about Nina Agdal, despite the fact that the legal proceedings are still ongoing.

In addition to this, he has just recently sent out a tweet in which he claims that his ideal celebrity would be the Hollywood personality, model, and reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian. The tweet, which was sent in response to an inquiry from a supporter regarding the celebrity with whom he has a crush, read as follows:

The name “Kim Kardashian”

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The MMA world reacted in numerous amusing ways to Danis’s disclosure when it was made public. A number of people who use Twitter (X) responded to the post by joking that they thought he had a crush on Nina Agdal.

Others made fun of him by suggesting that a romantic relationship between him and Kardashian is extremely unlikely, and that she most likely isn’t even aware that he exists. A supporter tweeted, “

“I don’t know, but it seems like Nina is all you think about.”

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In addition, a number of Danis’s other followers made the facetious insinuation that they no longer respected him after he admitted that Kim Kardashian is the star who he has a crush on.

Others have suggested that the disclosure makes ‘El Jefe’ appear to be hypocritical, and they have added that there are considerable parallels between Kardashian and Agdal’s personal and professional life.

Take a look at the following screenshots to see how some of Danis’s followers responded to his tweet:

Dillon Danis’ actions against Nina Agdal could jeopardize his fight with Logan Paul

A boxing battle between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul is scheduled to be the former’s debut in the sport. On October 14, 2023, MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card will include four bouts, two of which will serve as main events. One of those two main events will be their battle.

There is significant concern that the Danis vs. Paul fight might not go on as planned, despite the fact that it is being promoted as one of the most high-profile celebrity boxing confrontations of the year.

Expansion of a Tweet

Expansion of a Tweet

Dillon Danis has recently suggested, through a series of tweets, that the lawsuit that Nina Agdal has filed against him is a trick on the part of Logan Paul since Paul does not want to fight him. On the other hand, Paul has pointed out that Danis has a history of backing out of fights and has accused him of coming up with lame excuses to get out of their bout.

Taking into account all of the factors involved, there are persistent speculations that Danis may pull out of the battle sooner rather than later, and that Paul may instead choose to fight Mike Perry, who is the official backup fighter.

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