Did Arnold Schwarzenegger hold an unregulated slap event with Logan Paul? Find out what Dana White was talking about

The eight contestants vying for the first Power Slap League title recently took part in a news conference with Dana White. While fight fans have opposed White’s most recent endeavour, he continues to refute the idea by pointing to the league’s high audience statistics since its broadcast debut.

White reiterated his stance in support of the Power Slap League, asserting that his most recent project has been unfairly disparaged. He also discussed the period when Logan Paul, a YouTube star, and bodybuilder and Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger experimented with slap fighting.

In collaboration with Logan Paul, Schwarzenegger, who has dabbled in other sports-related ventures, hosted a live Slap Fighting Championship. The competition was a part of the annual multi-sport weekend exposition known as the Arnold Classic, which was held in Columbus, Ohio, on March 5.
In her remarks to the media, Dana White also brought up the contentious Oscar moment when Will Smith slapped the comedian, as well as the comedian Chris Rock finally spoke out against the Hollywood celebrity. White thinks the Power Slap League has been the victim of Smith’s selective anger, which Rock called Smith’s actions a textbook example of. He declared:

“During this “Power Slap League” event, the media has been fantastic. Selective indignation is what happened with Power Slap, if any of you saw the new Chris Rock comedy special. There has been slapping [slap-fighting] for ten years.”
In contrast to his slap-fighting event, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul’s slap event was uncontrolled but received no criticism, White continued:

“Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul engaged in an uncontrolled, unchecked, and improper slapping event. Nobody booed. Not a single story was written. We follow the correct procedures, seek authorization, test, and invest millions of dollars in it. Everyone is outraged after we make it safe.”

Dana White defends Power Slap League, citing viewership statistics to back up his claim that the league is a success

Despite overwhelming public criticism of his most recent endeavour, the Power Slap League, UFC President Dana White has maintained his support for it. The roughness, poor pay, and decreasing fan base of the slap-fighting league have raised concerns.

All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) All Access’s debut has given rise to rumours that White may be compelled to halt his most recent endeavour. Dana White has maintained that the Power Slap League’s audience figures are comparable to those of the NBA in the meanwhile (National Basketball Association).

At the aforementioned press conference, White addressed the media and said:

“I’ll tell you what, the statistics are accurate. In social media, we receive over one billion views. We have approximately a billion users only on TikTok. 38.5 million views are made on Instagram each week. Rumble owned the international rights to this, and the international programme alone has received close to 15 million views.”

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