Despite the fact that the facility can only hold 3,000 people, tickets for Jake Paul’s forthcoming fight are not selling out.

Jake Paul, a fighter known for his videos on YouTube, is planning a comeback fight in the ring. In the past, Paul’s fights have sold out huge arenas like as the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia and the American Airlines Center in the United States. However, it has been claimed that ticket sales for his upcoming battle have not been as successful as desired.

“The Problem Child” is scheduled to square off against Andre August in a boxing battle that will serve as the main event for the Most Valuable Prospects IV event. Paul’s MVP (Most Valuable Promotions) will be taking on yet another noteworthy endeavor with this one. In addition, Paul’s aforementioned match would be different from the others that he has competed in since it would not be broadcast on pay-per-view and it would take place in a setting that was significantly smaller.

The general perception is that Jake Paul and his staff made the decision not to present the fight on pay-per-view (PPV) because Andre August, who is relatively unknown, does not have a lot of star power. The bout card will be available to watch online via DAZN.

Additionally, it is thought that Paul has chosen August as his opponent and has resisted going the PPV route with this match because the internet celebrity wishes to gradually build up his boxing career. The 26-year-old is rumored to be interested in gaining more experience by competing against full-time boxers rather than simply engaging in high-profile bouts versus well-known past or present MMA fighters.

When everything is taken into account, there are certain sectors of the world of combat sports that are of the opinion that the Paul-August showdown has not been successful in generating the buzz that the YouTuber’s previous battles did. According to Aaron Bronsteter of TSN, even though tickets for the fight have been available for purchase for approximately eight days, just fifty percent of them have been bought up to this point.

On December 15, 2023, the boxing battle between Paul and August is scheduled to serve as the featured attraction at the Most Valuable Prospects IV event that will take place at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA. Roughly three thousand people might fit within the arena. According to what was stated by Aaron Bronsteter, Paul has not been successful so far in selling out the intimate venue. Bronsteter wrote in a tweet:

“Tickets for Jake Paul’s boxing match against Andre August have been on sale for eight days and look to be about half sold in a venue that holds roughly 3,000.”

Jake Paul vs. Andre August: ‘The Problem Child’ addresses the “biggest challenge” of his career

Andre August, who is 35 years old, has a boxing record of 10-1-1 in the professional ranks. He recently prevailed against Brandon Martin by the score of a unanimous decision in August of 2023. It is claimed that August is a better proficient pugilist than some of the mixed martial artists that Jake Paul has boxed, despite the fact that August is not regarded as a top-tier boxer in the professional ranks.

Jake Paul, on his part, has compiled a professional boxing record of 7-1, with his lone loss coming by way of a split decision against Tommy Fury, who was previously unbeaten in the sport, in February of 2023. “The Problem Child” has stated on multiple occasions that he is interested in seeking revenge for his defeat at the hands of Fury.

In spite of this, his present priority is to win the match against Andre August. Paul has recently made the implication that his next fight with August is a dangerous one for him to take on. The wannabe mixed martial artist said on Twitter:

“The greatest test of my professional life. The dangeriest. Almost no benefit in the short term. Lots of progress over the longer term.”

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