Despite the fact that Ian Garry and Vicente Luque had a friendly audio discussion, Garry started an unexpected battle with Luque.

At UFC 296, which will take place the following month, Ian Garry will compete against Vicente Luque in the hopes of earning his fourth victory in a row so far in 2018. Although ‘The Future’ is known for his tendency to engage in trash talking, the fact that the two welterweight contenders are teammates at Kill Cliff FC and appeared to be buddies was not something that was anticipated happening.

On the other hand, it appears that may no longer be the case, as the welterweight rated tenth in the world recently and shockingly challenged the welterweight ranked eighth in the world. Luque posted a series of images to Instagram of himself getting baptized, along with the following caption:

“Throughout my entire life, I have had faith in Him and witnessed the many ways in which he has blessed me. He has always helped me get through the difficult times and has given me strength, whether they were happy times or bad times. Now I am making my way along The Way as He leads me to His Kingdom! We give thanks to you, Jesus “
Despite the content of the post, Garry took advantage of the chance to make a dig at his rival by responding with the following:

Ian Garry and Vicente Luque previously showed mutual respect leading up to their bout

Prior to their fight at UFC 296 against one another, it appeared as though Ian Garry and Vicente Luque held a mutual respect for one another. After the fight was made public, the two of them went on Instagram to publish a post together, in which ‘The Future’ made the following declaration:

“There is no reason to be hostile toward you on this. This has absolutely everything to do with respect, and it has absolutely everything to do with the desire to be the finest in the world… You have the ambition to be number one in the entire world. I aspire to be the very finest there is in the whole wide universe. They have placed us in the same group, and do you know what? “Let’s dance, let’s go out there, let’s put on a f**king show, and let’s have some fun,” you said. “Let’s have some fun.”

He continued:

“There is work to be done, and we take great pride in our work. Have fun at the camp, keep up the good training, and I’ll see you on the 16th of December. Let’s go have some f*cking fun, and regardless of what happens, I still owe you food because of that submission, so I still owe you dinner. Let’s go have some fun!

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