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Despite having broken U.K. firearms rules, the trainer of boxer Terence Crawford, Brian McIntyre, has been let off the hook.


According to an initial report by ESPN, the well-known boxing trainer Brian McIntyre has been granted his release from jail in Manchester, England, and is now free to return to the United States. This news comes after McIntyre was arrested in Manchester, England.

McIntyre was just handed a suspended sentence of 20 months by the Manchester Crown Court on the day that we are currently discussing. This sentence was imposed as a result of two offenses linked to firearms, as reported by a court correspondent in the United Kingdom named Ollie McManus.

The legal proceedings were initiated as a result of an occurrence in which Brian McIntyre admitted to being guilty. This occurred after a loaded weapon and accompanying ammunition were discovered stashed within McIntyre’s luggage after his return to the United States a month ago. Chris Eubank Jr.’s second fight against Liam Smith, which Eubank won by technical knockout in the tenth round, took place in Manchester, where the famed trainer was present.

The following day, after the fight, when McIntyre was waiting at Manchester Airport for his trip back to Atlanta, a routine baggage screening at the airport revealed a revolver concealed within McIntyre’s checked luggage. This resulted in him being arrested, and he was later charged with possessing a handgun without the appropriate certification.

Since September, Brian McIntyre has been detained, and it is still unknown whether or not he will be extradited to England, where Chris Eubank currently resides and where he frequently competes. Terence Crawford was one of several witnesses who spoke throughout the court hearings, according to British court correspondent Ollie McManus, who released this information. On X, he had written:

“BREAKING: Brian “BoMac” McIntyre has been granted a 20-month prison sentence that has been SUSPENDED and is now a FREE MAN. At the hearing that took place today, Terence Crawford was one of several individuals who testified in person. The execution of the punishment will be put on hold for a period of two years.

He continued:

“Suspended sentence = if BoMac commits another offence in the UK during the next two years he will be liable to serve this sentence in addition to any new sentence.”

Brian McIntyre: The mentor behind Terence Crawford’s success

Terence Crawford and Brian McIntyre have a connection that goes beyond the traditional trainer-boxer dynamic. They first met on the same street in Omaha, Nebraska, when they were just 10 houses apart in a rough neighborhood. This is where their friendship was born. They have triumphed against the odds in the sport of boxing despite coming from difficult circumstances and living in difficult conditions.

Crawford, who is undefeated and has titles in three weight classes, most recently defeated Errol Spence Jr. via technical knockout in the ninth round. His incredible ascent to becoming one of the greatest boxers of this generation is intricately connected with McIntyre’s instruction at every step of the way.

Since Crawford was a young child, McIntyre has been an ever-present figure in her life. Because he was such a good friend of Terry and Debra Crawford, the 36-year-old boxer’s parents, he was able to act as a role model and coach to Terence Crawford when he was younger.

When Crawford was barely seven years old, he accompanied his father to the C.W. Boxing Club in their neighborhood. There, he met Brian McIntyre, who was also training under the guidance of a local legend named Midge Minor. Crawford’s father was a boxing coach at the club. Crawford was taken under Minor’s wing, and McIntyre was an essential part of the pair’s development as mentor and mentee.

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