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Despite being a world champion in two different sports, Regian Eersel has never lost his modesty: “Just a regular guy who puts in a lot of work in the gym.”


Regian Eersel is aware that there is a large target on his back due to the fact that he is the world champion in two different sports at the same time. The Dutchman is always going to have ambitious competitors climbing the ranks in an attempt to grab what is already his, since he is looking to dominate not just one but two distinct sports on the ONE stage.

It is important to ‘The Immortal’ that he not get too carried away with himself so that he may continue to retain the same level of effort that brought him to the position of double champion. Even though he has lofty goals regarding the number of title defenses he wants to achieve, his only concentration is on achieving victory in each and every match.

When he faces Dmitry Menshikov for the lightweight Muay Thai world championship at ONE Fight Night 11, he will be looking to achieve his eleventh consecutive win under the ONE Championship banner. This will be the occasion on which he will defend his title.

During an interview that was posted on YouTube with Sensai Sam, Regian Eersel discussed how he is able to maintain his head so low to the ground that he never loses attention on the activity that is now being performed:

“You know, I’m not thinking to myself, ‘I’m the world champion,’ or anything like that. I’m simply a regular person that puts in a lot of effort in the gym.
You can see the entire interview down below:

In the main event, which will take place at the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Regian Eersel will attempt to defeat another Muay Thai challenger so that he can maintain his reign as champion of two different weight classes for as long as possible. In spite of the fact that Menshikov possesses the means necessary to walk away from the capital of Thailand with a victory that would define his career, overcoming Eersel will not be an easy task.

On Friday, June 9, viewers in North America who have a subscription to Amazon Prime will be able to watch ONE Fight Night 11 at no additional cost.

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