Deontay Wilder issues brutal response to Chael Sonnen calling him a “coward” for boxing Francis Ngannou

After challenging Francis Ngannou, Deontay Wilder was called a coward by Chael Sonnen. With his recent loss of the UFC heavyweight championship, “The Predator” received his freedom from the organisation in January.

Deontay Wilder, a seasoned boxer and former WBC heavyweight champion, declared in the days that followed that he would like to fight Ngannou twice, once in boxing and once in mixed martial arts.

The former UFC fighter-turned-analyst Chael Sonnen then posted on his YouTube channel, calling Wilder a coward. He asserted that by proposing to compete against Ngannou in MMA, “The Bronze Bomber” was merely acting brave.

Deontay Wilder came under fire from Chael Sonnen for suggesting that he would first face Francis Ngannou in boxing and then in MMA. In a recent interview with 78SPORTSTV, Wilder was questioned about it. After Sonnen was identified, Wilder said:

“When you’re successful, you don’t pay attention to the screams of the depressed. I avoid hearing those things. I’ve been travelling way too much, as I indicated. I’ve been taking care of business. My family has been fed by me. I haven’t been lying in bed fretting about the noises of other people being silly.”

Wilder continued, noting that he is not emotionally affected or distracted by other people’s remarks: “For myself, I don’t entertain folly since I don’t profit from it… That person is just another sad human being. That is exactly how he feels.”
Deontay Wilder jokingly said that in order to increase his income, he could launch a podcast and YouTube channel similar to Chael Sonnen’s. He emphasised that Sonnen’s remarks might have been made to get clicks and attention.

Wilder made it clear that he’s willing to take on Francis Ngannou in mixed martial arts first. He’s even open to having both fights in boxing or mixed martial arts. Depending on what Ngannou agrees with, he is also open to having the MMA match take place first, followed by the boxing event.

Francis Ngannou’s response to Deontay Wilder’s two-fight proposal

Francis Ngannou is anticipated to make his boxing debut in July after quickly recovering from his knee injury difficulties. Speaking of which, the legendary heavyweight MMA fighter recently appeared to accept Wilder’s two-fight offer on Twitter. Tweeted “The Predator”:

“@BronzeBomber, welcome to the free world. I hope you keep your promises. Soon, bye.”
Ngannou also made a sharp jab at Deontay Wilder while looking for a top-tier fighter to fight in his boxing debut. He seemed to imply that if they engaged in an MMA fight, Wilder would lose all four of his limbs. In response to a tweet from a fan, Ngannou added that he is eager to see if “The Bronze Bomber” is “a man of his word.”

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