Demetrious Johnson has stated that he is experiencing jitters before to his jiu-jitsu competition in the IBJJF Masters Worlds.

The prospect of Demetrious Johnson competing for the first time in several years has him feeling uneasy.

In the latter part of this month, ‘Mighty Mouse’ will go to the Las Vegas Convention Center in order to compete in the 2023 IBJJF Masters Worlds. Johnson, who holds a brown belt, intends to use this competition as an opportunity to put his ever improving grappling talents to the test against some of the most skilled fighters in the world.

Demetrious Johnson said that he is certainly thrilled and perhaps a little bit anxious about fighting in his first grappling tournament in over 20 years during his recent interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. Johnson was asked about the competition, and he stated that he made the revelation when speaking about the competition.

“I should be getting anywhere from five to six matches, so I couldn’t be more happy, dude. I haven’t had feelings of nervousness or butterflies in a very, very long time.”
Watch the show in its entirety down below (Johnson’s comment may be found around 1:56:23):

Many people consider Demetrious Johnson to be one of the best fighters of all time, pound-for-pound, in the history of mixed martial arts. Some even go so far as to call him the greatest fighter of all time. It is a testimonial to his ability that he has carried global titles in some of the most prestigious combat sports organizations in the world, despite the fact that he is still learning and developing his talents.

It remains to be seen whether or not ‘Mighty Mouse’ will put those freshly gained talents to use within the circle. Johnson hinted that he would consider hanging up his four-ounce gloves for good after his excellent victory against Adriano Moraes at ONE Fight Night 10 in May. The bout was decided by majority decision. Moraes was Johnson’s opponent.

Johnson has not decided one way or the other as of yet; however, new rumors have revealed that before making a choice regarding his future in the sport, he hopes to battle against bodybuilder and fitness instructor Bradley Martyn. Johnson has not decided one way or the other as of yet.

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