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“Degenerate” Paddy Pimblett fans still sending hateful DMs, says former opponent of ‘The Baddy’


Fans of UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett are reportedly still jeering one of the Liverpudlian’s previous opponents.

Jordan Leavitt, a lightweight in the UFC, admitted recently in an interview with LowKick MMA that he is still angry over his defeat by Pimblett. At UFC London last year, ‘The Baddy’ submitted Leavitt in the second round of their fight.
Leavitt’s troubles didn’t start with the defeat to the British player. He has a negative opinion of English fans as a result of his fight in London. The “Monkey King” claimed in the interview that Pimblett’s supporters are still bothering him on social media.

Leavitt declared that he would never again travel abroad for a bout.

London is a sk. I won’t ever leave the country once more. In all of history, America has been the best country in the dn world. However, I’m kind of, I mean, pretty irritated by the fact that I’m lost [against Paddy Pimblett]. I still get c**p messages from Paddy fans, which makes me feel humiliated.
He continued, calling the typically rowdy England supporters “degenerates.”

“I can’t block them because I know that if I do, it will only serve to confirm their victory. So they won’t ever go away, and I despise you so much, but that’s part of the game, and while I’m disappointed in the defeat, I did learn a lot. But, I would never engage in combat in front of a hostile audience like that. Before nine o’clock, those who become that intoxicated are degenerates. There were degenerates everywhere in the arena.”

Jordan Leavitt targeting highlight reel finish in his next fight to get over loss to Paddy Pimblett

Jordan Leavitt stated in the same interview that he felt “hurt” when individuals ghosted him following his defeat against Paddy Pimblett. The Monkey King stated that he wants to defeat Victor Martinez with a highlight-reel finish the following weekend in order to win back his fans:

“The most important lesson I took away from the Paddy fight was that everyone dissappears following a notable altercation. Everyone was bothering me, just like before the Paddy fight… Then, after I lost the fight with Paddy, three people approached me. I was upset since I believed we were friends. Hence, I must draw attention to this child in order to get your attention once more.”

Leavitt has a 10-2 career record, with both of his losses being inside the UFC octagon. Victor Martinez, his future opponent, signed a deal on Dana White’s Contender Series back in 2021 and will make his promotional debut this weekend.

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