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Beneil Dariush is accused of “cheating,” and Conor McGregor answers with a fantastic Twitter jab.


Beneil Dariush recently expressed his opinions on the topic of whether Conor McGregor’s withdrawal from the USADA pool constitutes cheating. The Irishman’s declaration that he intends to compete later this year garnered a lot of media interest.After The Ultimate Fighter’s future season comes to an end in 2023, Conor McGregor is anticipated to return to the octagon. (TUF). If he receives the OK from USADA, the Irishman is anticipated to compete against his rival coach Michael Chandler later this year.

In his most recent contest, a second defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July 2021, McGregor injured his leg. Following his injuries, “The Notorious” withdrew from USADA testing to heal.

The process requires McGregor to submit two clean samples and stay in the testing pool for six months, but “The Notorious” has ignored the rules. Due to this, combatants and fight fans now suspect Conor McGregor of cheating.

Beneil Dariush, a UFC lightweight contender, recently explained how McGregor would have been able to legally heal from his injury by obtaining a “therapeutic expemption” from USADA.Dariush’s comments clearly did not amuse McGregor, as evidenced by his irate tweet, “Beneil “the douche” Dariush.”

Conor McGregor cheating: What did UFC president Dana White say about the situation?

Earlier this month, after claiming to have contacted USADA and planned a meeting to discuss his return to competition, Conor McGregor blasted the organisation.

USADA promptly refuted McGregor’s assertion, saying they were not informed of his decision to resume competition. As soon as possible, McGregor asserted on Twitter that he had never been detected doping. Additionally, he called USADA a “garbage organisation” and criticised it.During the UFC 286 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White addressed Conor McGregor’s Twitter outburst and said the following:

“Have you heard of Jeff Novitzky, [UFC Senior VP of Athlete Health and Performance]? Pose these inquiries to him. Any of that things doesn’t matter to me now. He has that issue. I take absolutely no part in the drug testing situation. I have no knowledge of it, and I have no desire to learn anything about it. I’ll let the pro handle it. He is the subject matter expert, so call him whenever you want to talk to him about it.

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