Danielle Kelly displays a Japanese card while feeling the cherry blossom energy

Danielle Kelly has frequently stated that she would love to travel to Japan, either as a tourist or as a competitor in a hypothetical ONE Championship match.The Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace is signalling that a new Japanese card is coming even though the promotion hasn’t yet made that announcement. Kelly performed it in an environment that was conducive to Japanese culture.The 27-year-old posted a snapshot of herself in front of a thick carpet of cherry blossom petals on Instagram.The 27-year-old posted a snapshot of herself in front of a thick carpet of cherry blossom petals on Instagram.

“This reminds me of Japan, which I’d like to visit someday.”
One of the most visited sights in Japan is the blossoming of cherry blossoms, which even has a holiday celebrated every year during the third week of March.

The delicately pink, bright blooms represent human life, including birth and death, for the Japanese. The culture of the nation also places a high value on trees and flowers. Significant responses to Kelly’s message came from her fan group.Jasjohal_ wrote in the comments, “Time for ONE to take you there!”
Even one more fan made a comment that alluded to Kelly’s previous article on Kim Possible.

According to dluvly7, “Kim Possible takes Japan by storm—could make for a cool movie.”

Kelly is still one of the leading figures in the developing submission grappling scene at ONE Championship, despite the fact that she has no scheduled matches and isn’t even scheduled to participate on a future card in Japan.

Danielle Kelly is unbeaten in the ONE Championship after victories against skilled grapplers Ayaka Miura and Mariia Molchanova. In the atomweight submission grappling division, she has also advocated for the creation of a global title.

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