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Daniel Cormier has an open and forthright response to Jon Jones’s remark that he is a “poor employee”: “I couldn’t beat him. That is the truth for me.”


In a recent statement, Daniel Cormier expressed his opinion on Jon Jones’s tendency to maintain their rivalry and provided an honest response to his former competitor’s most recent “bad employee” attack.

Cormier and Jones were involved in one of the most intense rivalry in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Jones was victorious over ‘DC’ in their first fight, but his second victory was annulled as a no-contest due to a steroid violation. The two mixed martial arts (MMA) icons competed against one other twice as light heavyweights. A notable characteristic of the buildup to their confrontations was the use of personal insults, hateful speeches, and even threats of death towards one another.

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Jones and Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), have a tight relationship, but there was a point when they did not get along. White views Jones as one of the best mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters of all time.

Jones’s contract negotiation process with the promotion in 2014 was reportedly quite tense, according to recently disclosed text exchanges between White and Lorenzo Fertitta, who was the former owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As a consequence of this, White referred to the light heavyweight champion at the time as a “punk” in a text message discussion with Fertitta.

As a response to the disclosures, Cormier made the observation that all significant corporations treated “bad employees” in the same manner. Jones was not pleased with this development and responded by reminding his old competitor that a “bad employee” had defeated him on two separate occasions.

In a video that was uploaded to YouTube not so long ago, Cormier responded to the remark by dismissing Jones’ fury and by pointing out that Jones was not being picky. It was him who said:

Despite the fact that I could cite one hundred wonderful things about him, he continues to focus on the negative item. It wasn’t that I was referring to him specifically… I was unable to defeat him. There was no way that I could defeat him, regardless of what he was doing. That is the truth for me.”

When Daniel Cormier discussed Jon Jones’ incredible clinch game

Daniel Cormier and Joe Rogan had a conversation about Jon Jones one entire month ago, during which they discussed the reasons why the current heavyweight champion is so difficult to defeat. During the course of their chat, ‘DC’ also provided an explanation regarding how ‘Bones’ utilized his reach to exhaust his adversaries.

Not only did Cormier and Jones engage in two bouts inside the cage, but they also shared one of the most intense rivalries in mixed martial arts (MMA). In December, Cormier made a visit on the JRE Mixed Martial Arts Show, where he discussed his bouts with Jones and elaborated on the fact that ‘Bones’ is a unique fighter. It was him who said:

“When you get into the clinch with this guy [Jones], he is so tall that it’s almost as if you’re holding him up if you’re the shorter fighter,” Jones said. He is like a blanket that is draped over you, and that is what causes you to become exhausted. I am attempting to break your posture by punching you repeatedly while I am clinching, and you are aware that I fought there a great deal when I was clinching. That is not something that he does.

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