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Daniel Cormier advices Charles Oliveira to insult Conor McGregor to get him to fight


Conor McGregor is allegedly frightened of Charles Oliveira, who just announced that he is done looking for a bout with him. UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier stepped in, saying Oliveira needed to get personal if he wanted the chance to compete in a lucrative match against the UFC’s biggest star.

The former double champion made the following comments on his podcast, 3 Rounds with Daniel Cormier:

I firmly believe that Charles Oliveira’s lack of the championship belt is what makes him so valuable to Conor now. Conor thought, “Well, this is a guy that strikes, this is a guy that can be hurt, this is a guy that holds the championship so I want to fight that dude,” but when it comes to star power and risk management, you ain’t looking to fight “Do Bronx” unless it’s for something as significant as a title.

“I believe Oliveira needs to say more about McGregor, be more derogatory toward McGregor, and discuss all of McGregor’s problems if he truly wants a chance. From the bus issue to the argument with the man in the pub to the current problem, “Do Bronx,” get personal, and get nasty if you want to pay that check.”

Oliveira is now ranked first in the lightweight division despite no longer holding the title. Since he hasn’t competed since injuring his leg, McGregor is no longer ranked; nonetheless, a victory over “Do Bronx” would put him back in the title hunt.

Below, starting at the 7:26 minute, Daniel Cormier will talk about how Charles Oliveira might convince Conor McGregor to accept the challenge.

Charles Oliveira accuses Conor McGregor of handpicking his fights

Conor McGregor was once Charles Oliveira’s target for a fight, but he recently made a suggestion that he might be scared to fight him. The No. 1 lightweight said the following during a Q&A at UFC 283:

“McGregor has long since given up. He carefully selects his fights. He probably sees the other person and decides, “I can defeat this one,” before signing the contract. He’s correct to not challenge me because he is aware of the outcome.”
Oliveira has repeatedly criticised McGregor, particularly following the latter’s victory over Justin Gaethje at UFC 274, but he now seems to be putting the prospect of a lucrative match behind him.

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