Dana White provides a cryptic update on the possibility of Conor McGregor’s return in June, saying, “You know we’ll announce it.”

When Conor McGregor announced that he would be returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in June, he did so in a video that he uploaded to the internet on December 31.

Fans were ecstatic when they heard what appeared to be a true news regarding McGregor’s return. The Irishman stated that their fight would take place during International Fight Week, which is one of the most competitive events that takes place annually in the promotion.

But Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has now refuted the rumor that “The Notorious” is planning to make a comeback in June. She also provided a cryptic response when asked about the possible fight date between McGregor and Chandler.

The question of whether or not the Irishman’s revelation was accurate was posed to White during his appearance at the post-fight press conference that took place after UFC 297 this past weekend. This is what he said:

Ahhh, no, no. You can be sure that we will make the announcement when Conor is ready to compete. That’s what we do, really. May I inquire as to whether or not June is a feasible date?
Watch the following video to hear White’s remarks against Conor McGregor, which begin at 22:20:

In the previous year, it was announced that Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler would be serving as the coaches for the 31st season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” which aired from May 30th to August 15th.

Following the conclusion of the show’s season, it was anticipated that the two would engage in a fight inside the octagon. On the other hand, it appears that McGregor’s return was delayed due to a number of obstacles with his re-entry into the USADA testing pool.

Conor McGregor may be returning to the UFC out of “pettiness” – Beneil Dariush

At the UFC 264 event that took place in July 2021, Conor McGregor suffered a severe leg injury while competing against Dustin Poirier. This was the final time that McGregor competed inside the octagon.

once the injury, he was withdrawn from the USADA testing pool, and once he had finished his rehabilitation, it was revealed that he would be joining Michael Chandler as a coach on the competition known as The Ultimate Fighter 31.

After earning immense success in mixed martial arts (MMA) and suffering an injury that could potentially end his career, several people have questioned what possible motive ‘The Notorious’ could have to return to the sport.

There is a certain amount of uncertainty over the fact that a man who has “already made it in life” is still yearning for more, given the fact that his money is increasing.

In contrast, Beneil Dariush, a perennial contender in the lightweight division, has suggested that the Irishman’s “pettiness” is the primary reason for his desire to return to the ring. A recent interview with The Schmo featured Dariush, who stated the following:

I have no idea what his reasons are for doing what he is doing… All you have to do is ask him. But perhaps he is a very petty person. What are your thoughts on that matter? Simply put, he is a petty person who wants to get everything back. I am referring to all of his losses by saying that I could empathize with him. There are people who have beaten me, and I want to beat them all.

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