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Dana White honors promise to “take care” of The Ultimate Fighter 31 castoffs, adds Gilbert Burns’ teammate to UFC 285 card


The lineup for The Ultimate Fighter season 31 has been the subject of a lot of criticism. Conor McGregor has been charged with favouring his teammates over competing contestants, but UFC President Dana White has vowed to “take care” of those who don’t make it on the show:

“Conor will receive some of the things he desires. Nobody here missed a chance. We’ll do something with the guys if they were scheduled to do it. It’s more complicated than merely saying, “Hello, see you later, good luck, and have a good life,” We will work things out. These guys are in good hands with us.”

Loik Radzhabov was allegedly booted off the roster by Conor McGregor in the past. The promotional frontman has now made an effort to make things right. At UFC 285, the former PFL fighter will make his promotional debut, according to Aaron Bronsteter of TSN Sports:

“Igor Lazorin reports that Loik Radzhabov will replace Esteban Ribovics this Saturday in the UFC 285. Following Aliev’s fight yesterday, a Tajik fighter will appear on a UFC card twice in the following two weeks. Initially, it was anticipated that Radzhabov will participate in the forthcoming TUF season.”

Radzhabov first seemed to be getting the short end of the stick, but it turns out that he now has a better chance. He won’t have to make an appearance on The Ultimate Fighter in order to obtain his UFC contract; instead, he is currently a member of the organisation and will make his debut on a highly anticipated pay-per-view event.

What the UFC has in mind for the other competitors that were cut from The Ultimate Fighter season 31 is still a mystery.

Below, you can watch Dana White’s remarks on the allegations surrounding TUF 31.

Gilbert Burns previously showed support for fighter removed from The Ultimate Fighter 31 roster

At Kill Cliff Fight Club, Loik Radzhabov and Gilbert Burns work together. The No. 5 welterweight previously sent a message on Twitter endorsing his buddy, saying:

“He is a member of my squad! 155 Loik Radzhabov, two-time PFL finalist! Worked so hard and was prepared to finally have his chance in the UFC on TUF; he was in Vegas, and everything was in order! Conor brought his own crew, and they threw him out! There is No Fear!”
Burns has not yet addressed the issue despite the announcement that Dana White and the UFC have resolved it.

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