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Dana White gives her approval for Jim Miller to compete in a fight at UFC 300, saying, “That is a great story.” Miller had previously appeared in cameos at UFC 100 and UFC 200.


Recently, Dana White had an interview with TNT Sports, during which she provided fans with an update regarding the highly anticipated UFC 300 card.

White revealed that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has ambitious plans for the flagship program. In order to convey his aspiration to make the event significantly more significant than any other numbered card, he stated:

“What kind of atmosphere do you anticipate the show to have? In addition to putting on a live event, we also put on a television show; what are we going to construct in relation to the event? What is going to make this Saturday night, which is the final pay-per-view event of the year, even more meaningful than it already is? There is a great deal more that goes into it than just the card, but what you can anticipate is that the first preliminary of the night will be you going like holy shit… that is how fantastic 300 is going to be.
At this point, Adam Caterall of TNT Sports made a request to White concerning the inclusion of Jim Miller on the card. Miller had previously made appearances at both UFC 100 and UFC 200.

To this, the head of the UFC responded:

“Wow, that is a fantastic tale, a fantastic tale,” she said. I’ll see to it that you get that done. I’ll make sure that Jim Miller is included on the card for you; you can consider it to be finished.

They even shook hands on it, and Caterall offered that Miller fight the winner of the bout between Ferguson and Pimblett, which is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday at UFC 296, which is scheduled to take place. Following that, Dana White sent instructions to a person who is most likely his assistant, instructing them to send a text message to Mick Maynard and Sean Shelby, informing them that they require Jim Miller for UFC 300.

Dana White announces that Ian Garry vs. Vicente Luque has been scrapped from UFC 296

In the early hours of today, Dana White made an announcement on X regarding a modification to the UFC 296 card. It was him who said:

“All right, people, I am aware that there is some rumors going around that the match between Ian Garry and Luque is on the wrong side, and it is true. It is true that Ian Garry began with the flu, which later developed into pneumonia; therefore, that battle is off, it is not occurring, and it is not going to happen.
Take a look at the tweet that is here:

Enlarge the Tweet
As a result of the timing of Garry’s withdrawal, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had a very difficult time finding a suitable opponent for Luque. As a result, the bout has been completely removed from the schedule for UFC 296, in its whole.

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