Dana White ignores a fan’s request to purchase new UFC gloves after the request is made in a condescending manner.

Recently, Dana White ridiculed an Instagram fan who had asked him to purchase new gloves for the UFC by commenting on his post.

The President of the Mixed Martial Arts organization has plenty of experience dealing with online trolls and remarks. White shared a video of the organization 4Ocean on his Instagram account. 4Ocean is working to clean up the oceans and beaches by removing dangerous materials such as plastic garbage and other pollutants.

An Instagram user left a remark on the photo, requesting that White purchase new gloves for the next battle. The head of the UFC, who is 53 years old, provided a response by saying:

“@marcalta1 That had nothing to do with the gloves in any way, shape, or form. Put your own concerns first.
Take a look at this post, if you please:

A variety of responses were given, with some individuals defending Dana White and others agreeing that the UFC really require new gloves.

Joe Rogan is one prominent figure who expresses the opinion that there are gloves that are superior to the kind that is currently available. The host of a podcast has stated in a public forum that the gloves designed by Trevor Wittman are superior to the gloves that are currently being used by fighters in the UFC.

Watch the video clip down below:

Joe Rogan stated that the Wittman-designed glove, which is comparable to a boxing glove, maintains the fingers curved in contrast to the conventional UFC gloves, which require fighters to curve their fingers in order to prevent poking their opponents in the eye. Rogan also mentioned that it is constructed utilizing a far higher quality foam.

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