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Dana White compares his sex life to a wrestling match in stand-up gig: Throwback


Dana White is largely regarded for playing a crucial part in institutionalising mixed martial arts and taking the UFC to previously unheard-of heights. One of the greatest combat sports promoters in history, White, had a bad start to the year when he was discovered smacking his wife at a New Year’s Eve celebration in Mexico.

White is well-known as the president of the UFC to fans of mixed martial arts all around the world, but they might not be aware that he once dabbled in stand-up comedy. As part of his show Dana White: Lookin’ for a Fight, White tried stand-up comedy, inspired by his longtime friend and UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan.

Dana White had a hilarious opening joke and offered free UFC 200 tickets to every audience member who laughed at it. White then turned the subject to Anne, his wife of 20 years, whom he married in 1996. The audience laughed as he compared his sexual life to a wrestling match:

“20 years of marriage to the same woman… My sex life is early stoppage… I have some experience with pointless battles; my sex life is similar to a match between two wrestlers in that I rush in and grind relentlessly until everyone loses interest.

What are Dana White’s views on professional wrestling?

WWE events have previously been attended by UFC president Dana White. He watched Ronda Rousey’s performance at WrestleMania 34. At UFC 157, Rousey took part in the organization’s first female fight. She won the first women’s bantamweight belt and held the record for the most female fighters to successfully defend a UFC title until Valentina Shevchenko overtook her in 2022.
The first live WWE event White attended as an adult was disclosed on Instagram. White stated:

It’s interesting to note that a fan on Twitter attacked the UFC’s pay-per-view prices before to UFC 190. He asserted that WWE pay-per-views are considerably less expensive than UFC ones. When White called professional wrestling “fake sh*t,” WWE supporters reacted angrily.
A professional wrestler named Austin Aries was one of several who criticised White, saying it was ludicrous to equate the two sports:

“It’s absurd to compare professional wrestling to combat sports. Apples to oranges. Don’t call my apples fake food, though. Everybody pays a genuine price.”

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