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Conspiracy against Andrew Tate led by same people who are friends with Harvey Weinstein, claims Tucker Carlson


According to Tucker Carlson, Andrew Tate is a target of a significant sociopolitical plot. Tate is a former kickboxer and social media influencer who is currently detained in Romania. He is being looked into for a number of major offences that he is believed to have committed.

The imprisonment of Andrew Tate, according to American conservative political analyst and TV presenter Tucker Carlson, “is a conspiracy of like-minded people,” he claimed on a recent episode of the Full Send Podcast. According to Carlson, the majority of media outlets and international leaders prefer it when the general populace is ignorant, reliant, and susceptible to manipulation.

According to Tucker Carlson, Andrew Tate’s lessons on self-improvement pose a threat to the status quo since they could elevate the status of the common people and make them aware of their social value.

He added that he would thank Tate if Tate told his (Carlson’s) son to get up early, work out, accomplish something, better himself, and become a respected member of society. Carlson went on to elaborate on “Top G’s” lessons on discipline and self-improvement:

The intriguing aspect of Tate is that: That is regarded as threatening? Why might that be dangerous? ‘ Because you don’t want a populace that is independent and respects itself in your nation. They therefore declare that Andrew Tate is a sexual harasser. The same people who befriended Harvey Weinstein and went on “Pedo Island” (also known as “Pedophile Island”) with [Jeffrey] Epstein say, “Well, we’re defending women.” Really? Are you?

According to Tucker Carlson, most influential people in society and politics get along well with convicted sex offenders like late financier Jeffrey Epstein and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Carlson also seemed to imply that those who are attacking Andrew Tate are in favour of the societal construct or concept of transgender women.

Carlson made fun of the notion of transsexual women as well. He made the implication that a transgender lady who was a cisgender man and underwent gender transition shouldn’t be regarded as a woman. He also implied that transgender women pose a threat to the community of women in general. In addition, he refuted the claim that Tate is misogynistic:

“We live in a world where the individuals in charge of everything are supporting the notion that women don’t exist as a category and were friends with both [Jeffrey] Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. I may simply appear and declare that I am a woman now. I can speak from personal experience as a woman. I’ve never had a period, I’ve never given birth, I don’t have any female organs or DNA, and I don’t have a female brain, but I’m still a woman. What do you mean when you support that notion? You’re claiming that women are actually nonexistent. That doesn’t qualify as a category.

How long is Andrew Tate likely to be in jail?

Andrew Tate, a self-described misogynist, has drawn harsh criticism for his views on men’s rights, relationships with women, and other topics. His critics have characterised his remarks on a number of such social, political, and cultural themes as inflammatory.

‘Top G’ and Tristan Tate, his younger brother, were detained in December 2022 and are currently being held in a Romanian prison. They are being looked into for alleged involvement in organised crime, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Tate has received some notable political analyst backing, including that of Piers Morgan and Tucker Carlson. Tate’s accusers have since stated that they weren’t molested by him, and Carlson in particular has stressed this.

Yet, Tate’s detractors keep pointing out that while some of his female friends have helped him, many more are working against him. The Romanian police and the prosecution have received assistance from numerous female accusers in their efforts to prosecute “Top G” for his allegedly criminal acts. According to Romanian law, a person may be held in detention for up to 180 days without a formal charge, which suggests that Andrew Tate might not be released from prison until June 2023. In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Tina Glandian, Tate’s attorney, verified the same.

The latest extension of Andrew Tate’s incarceration to a further 30 days. So, it is anticipated that “Top G,” Tristan Tate, and their suspected female collaborators, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu, will remain behind bars until at least March 29. Their incarceration might last until June, as was mentioned. Yet, the Romanian authorities have not yet confirmed a prolongation of custody until the month of June.

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