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Conor McGregor TUF opponent: UFC fans suggest names to coach opposite the Irishman after rumors surface


Recently, Conor McGregor said he has gotten a second opportunity to serve as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. The most recent news from the Irishman is sure to please his millions of fans worldwide, as head coach John Kavanagh has promised that McGregor will return to action this year.

Regarding his rumoured participation in the reality TV programme where he would be mentoring a group of wannabe fighters, McGregor remained mum. The programme follows a group of Las Vegas, Nevada-based professional MMA fighters as they compete for a six-figure contract with the UFC. For the 31st season of its venerable programme, the UFC has not yet revealed the coaches, but it recently put out a call for contestants.

If the speculations are accurate, the Irishman won’t be making an appearance on the popular series for the first time. After both boxers were brought on as coaches for season 22, Conor McGregor vs. Urijah Faber became the season 22 focus in 2015. Before sparking an odd bromance later in the season, the two had their fair share of run-ins.

Fight fans started making predictions on who should play McGregor’s rival coach in the forthcoming season. Internet users generally agreed that Michael Chandler would be a great opponent’s coach alongside “The Notorious”:

Another supporter thought that Conor McGregor and UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal could be able to resolve their long-running online feud in the forthcoming season:

“Who wouldn’t want to watch several Conor McGregor episodes? On TUF, Conor v. Masvidal is a coach, and all of a sudden the show is back to being a monster.”

Conor McGregor vs. Urijah Faber: What happened the last time the Irishman was on The Ultimate Fighter?

The Ultimate Fighter season 22 included Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber as coaches. But unlike previous episodes, the show’s finale did not feature a match between the two competing coaches.

McGregor and Faber’s involvement in the competition would be restricted to guiding the contenders, UFC president Dana White stated. Conor McGregor vs. Urijah Faber had to be postponed since it appeared that Jose Aldo and the Irishman would eventually fight for the UFC championship belts.

There were instances when emotions erupted and the contestants’ competitive nature protruded, while having a positive rapport throughout the season and even partaking in funny banter.

In the midst of conflict involving the then-bantamweight champion, his trainer Duane Ludwig, and teammate Urijah Faber, who had enlisted Dillashaw to join his squad and trained him for the most of his career, the Irishman memorably called T.J. Dillashaw a “snake in the grass.” A infamous altercation between the two squads started when McGregor suggested that Faber and Dillashaw, who were still in a relationship at the time, fight.

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