Conor McGregor responds to Ariel Helwani’s question on whether or not he would compete in bare-knuckle bouts.

Conor McGregor has commented on whether or not he plans to compete in bare knuckle bouts in the future. During an interview with Ariel Helwani, the Irishman was questioned about a variety of issues pertaining to combat sports. One of these topics was the Irishman’s appearance at BKFC 41, which saw him enter the ring for a staredown with Mike Perry. Ariel Helwani asked the Irishman about his experience at the event.

A startling response was given by McGregor in response to the question of whether or not he would be interested in fighting with bare knuckles. He said:

“Yes, I would do it, that’s for sure! I will get to work on that right away. Yes, without a doubt I would carry it out. It’s not easy to find a conflict that’s not dull…There is a very little probability that it will ever be involved in a combat that is dull. [14:02 – 14:15]
After that, “The Notorious” went on to explain what makes bare knuckle fighting such an exhilarating combat sport, both to watch and to participate in. He added that it was possible to declare that each and every battle was entertaining, which is something that he does not believe can be said about other forms of combat sports, saying:

“No other field or sport could say that and say that…a zero percent chance of a boring fight, we can all have a snoozer…,” he said. “No other discipline or sport could say that and say that…”Even a jab can cause a cut, which, in turn, produces panic in the ring, which, in turn, leads the crowd to rise… Boxing and mixed martial arts both have the potential to be snoozefests, but even a jab can cause a cut.It sounds interesting, and I’d definitely be up for trying it out—why not? [14:17 – 14:48]

If the proper offer were to come McGregor’s way, it would be interesting to see if he would be willing to fight with bare knuckles at some point in the future.

Conor McGregor reveals when his fight with Michael Chandler will be announced

The time and place of the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler has been the topic of much debate as of late. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has not yet disclosed the date or location of the upcoming battle.

Recently, the former two-division UFC champion disclosed that the bout is still going to take place and provided information regarding when the promotion will publicize it. The entertaining lightweights will be coaching on The Ultimate Fighter, and the 34-year-old fighter mentioned that viewers will receive the answers to their questions when they watch the show.

He said:

“Michael Chandler, you’re right [about it being the opponent]. It will be revealed on this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter. Therefore, The Ultimate Fighter will begin broadcasting on ESPN in a few days, and by the time that program has concluded, we will have a date and all of the relevant details worked out for the fans.

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