Conor McGregor hit by car: How did the Irishman get in an accident?

Conor McGregor will compete as a coach versus Michael Chandler in the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, marking his much anticipated return to the UFC. Although it is anticipated that the Irishman would fight Chandler at the end of the season, no date has been scheduled for the probable matchup and he has not yet signed up for USADA’s drug testing programme.

Conor McGregor was in the news for a bicycle accident in Ireland before to the big announcement. However, how did the Irishman end up in a collision?

The former two-division champion was out riding his bike in the Irish countryside when he was hit by a car from behind. He has been working hard to make a recovery. The driver said that because of the sun’s direct exposure to Mcgregor’s face, he was unable to see him on the road. The Irishman reportedly suffered only minor injuries in the collision and made an effort to soothe the driver who struck him.

A video of the two of them conversing shortly after the terrible accident was posted online by Conor McGregor. The Irishman also uploaded a video of his conversation with the driver via Instagram. Despite the fact that McGregor’s bike was entirely ruined, he was appreciative for being spared and was offered a ride home.

McGregor acknowledged his gratitude for the lifelong martial arts training that assisted him in the life-or-death crisis after being relieved to have sustained only minor injuries:

“Just now, I heard a car bang from behind. The motorist couldn’t see me due to the sun trap. Speeding right by me. Godspeed; it wasn’t my time. Thank you to judo and wrestling as well. My life was saved because of my awareness on the landing.
The Irishman gave his ardent followers updates on his state of health following the event and displayed a photo of a terrible gash on his upper right leg.

Michael Chandler expects the upcoming clash against Conor McGregor to be a smashing success

Conor McGregor’s fight week is nothing short of a show, and after losing his last two fights, the Irishman continues to be the major attraction in the promotion. Michael Chandler is aware of the status and attention that come with a match with “The Notorious,” who will be facing him as soon as he is healthy enough to fight again.
Chandler will square off against Conor McGregor in the former’s eagerly awaited return to the octagon after coaching rival teams in season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter. The world’s No. 5 lightweight has set a very high standard for how well this fight will do on pay-per-view.

Chandler said the following to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour:

“Possibly the largest pay-per-view we’ve ever witnessed. Clearly a wishful thinker, I have a confident expectation that I will appear and construct this item. Conor is a skilled builder, so the fun is about to begin. If you look at the data historically, I believe that two million [pay-per-view buys] is not only conceivable but also really achievable.”

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