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“Conor, Jones, Pavlovich” – Fans guess which 3 UFC fighters are currently on steroids


Like any other professional athlete, UFC fighters rely on their athletic abilities to make a career. In light of this, it’s significant to remember that despite it being against the rules, some UFC competitors have been discovered utilising steroids to enhance their physical prowess.

All competitors are subjected to drug testing both during and after competitions to make sure they aren’t utilising any illegal substances. To promote a drug-free competitive environment, the organisation has partnered with USADA, the top anti-doping agency in the world, since 2015. They are in charge of conducting examinations, evaluating the findings, and applying sanctions to combatants who violate the rules.

Brian Kelleher, a UFC bantamweight contender, started a conversation on Twitter by posing the following question to followers: “Who do you think is still using steroids?”
Conor McGregor, who withdrew from the drug testing pool while recuperating from a leg injury, and Jon Jones, who has a history of multiple failed drug tests, were mentioned by one fan under the post: “Who has a history of multiple failed drug tests?”
One fan believed that Israel Adesanya’s enlargement in his right pectoral chest muscle, especially before the bout against Paulo Costa, invokes scepticism: William Knight, Usman, and McGregor. Another fan wrote: McGregor was a common name on most of the picks given by fans. Although Gyno claims Izzy juiced at least for the fight with Costa, I want to believe he is clean.

Will Conor McGregor’s absence from the drug testing pool have any effect on his coaching duties on UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter?

After more than a year away from competitive activity, Conor McGregor will resume it. The coaches for The Ultimate Fighter’s forthcoming season will be Michael Chandler and “The Notorious” (TUF).
Conor McGregor has not competed since losing to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 while he recovers from a leg injury. The Irishman departed the USADA testing facility to attend to his wounds. But under the present regulations, he must stay in the pool for a full six months before returning to competition.
Marc Raimondi, an ESPN MMA reporter, clarified the situation on Twitter, writing:

“According to USADA, Conor McGregor has not returned to the drug testing pool as of today. He must remain in the pool for six months and successfully complete two drug tests in order to participate in the UFC once more, according to USADA.”
Raimondi said that his absence wouldn’t affect his coaching duties for The Ultimate Fighter’s forthcoming season:

“McGregor can still serve as TUF’s coach even if he isn’t tested for drugs by USADA. He still has time to return to the pool for a fight in late August or September following the TUF season’s broadcast, which is exactly what I firmly anticipate will happen.”

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