Chingiz Allazov has stated that defeating Marat Grigorian is his top priority, stating that it is more important to him than anything else.

Chingiz Allazov’s triumph over his long-time adversary Marat Grigorian in combat was, by a wide margin, the most satisfying victory of his illustrious career.

Allazov successfully defended his ONE featherweight kickboxing gold for the first time on Friday night during the last act of the action-packed ONE Fight Night 13 event. He did so by displaying his excellence in a magnificent 15-minute show of striking power, which took place in front of a live audience.

Since he was defeated by the Armenian ten years ago, ‘Chinga’ has had a persistent desire to avenge himself and remove the monkey that has been sitting on his back. The fact that he had to wait ten years to be redeemed made his victory taste all the more satisfying when it finally came.

In the interview he gave after the competition, the Azerbaijani-Belarusian striker remarked that this victory against his former adversary meant a great deal to him, even going so far as to compare it to his victories over the Thai icons Sitthichai and Superbon:

“Yes, he was defeated by Superbon. On the other hand, I placed a higher priority on defeating Marat Grigorian. He is [among the top fighters of the past ten years] in my opinion. He had previously prevailed over Sitthichai as well as Superbon. Marat Grigorian is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous competitors.

Chingiz Allazov has proven beyond a reasonable question that he is currently the most accomplished striker in the world at his weight class following his most recent victory.

Because of his god-like reflexes and fast-twitch muscles, in addition to his technical excellence in the striking arts, he is able to go toe-to-toe with anyone in the world.

The standout from Gridin Gym absolutely dominated the ultra-aggressive Grigorian, neutralizing his forward pressure with cutting angles and exquisite counters.

Allazov confessed that he wasn’t even at his best because he dealt with some personal troubles before this matchup, which makes his accomplishment even more impressive given the circumstances.

By viewing the replay of ONE Fight Night 13, you will be able to relive Chingiz Allazov’s outstanding performance. Prime Video customers in North America are eligible to receive the complete card at no additional cost.

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