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Chiefs vs. Bengals: UFC Twitter feuds over controversial refereeing in NFL match


Like the rest of us, UFC fighters appear to be enthralled with Sunday’s thrilling Chiefs vs. Bengals game at Arrowhead Stadium. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to win their third straight trip to the Super Bowl.

The game did not, however, go place without controversy as referee Ron Torbert and his staff came under fire for allegedly making calls that were biassed in favour of the Chiefs. UFC fighters also hold divergent views on the famous Chiefs vs. Bengals game’s fair play.

Belal Muhammad, a UFC welterweight contender, bluntly claimed that the officials had been bought off. Josh Thomson, a former lightweight fighter in the UFC who appears to be a fervent Chiefs supporter, disagrees, according to ‘Remember the Name’ Thomson also refuted Nelk Boys’ Bob Menery, who claimed it was one of the worst displays of officiating in NFL history, in his response to Muhammad.

“The @NFL should be embarrassed by the way this game was officiated. One of the worst officiating performances in NFL history. raises questions.”

NFL rigged was trending after Chiefs vs. Bengals thriller

While the Cincinnati Bengals were the subject of a number of contentious rulings, one defensive holding infraction stood out.
Numerous UFC fighters are wondering whether the NFL is fixed as a result of this and the Chiefs’ unsuccessful third-down play that didn’t matter. Brendan Schaub, a TUF alum, wrote:

“I don’t believe in conspiracies, but these referees undoubtedly want to award the game to the Chiefs, don’t they? A third down wasn’t counted. then a holding call comes after. Be a little less overt. #AFCChampionshipGame”
Uber Facts, a Twitter account, claims that the NFL is legally permitted to manipulate game results.
Along with a huge range of competitors, UFC middleweight Kelvin Gastelum believes there was foul play during the Chiefs vs. Bengals game.

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