Chael Sonnen is vocal in his disapproval of the fight that took place between Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 296, stating, “That’s illegal fighting.”

The UFC middleweight champion, Sean Strickland, and the No. 2 contender, Dricus du Plessis, engaged in a fight on the sidelines of UFC 296, which was held in the United States.

The two were engaged in a verbal spat in the days leading up to the pay-per-view event that would be the final one of the year. Both of them are scheduled to compete against one another in the main event of the upcoming pay-per-view event, which is UFC 299. Following the unloading of Strickland on Du Plessis, both of them were hauled out of the arena by security personnel.

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Chael Sonnen blasted the incident while discussing it on The MMA Hour. He provided a response on the question of whether or not the fighters should be subject to consequences.

The answer is probably yes. To a certain extent, that is what I mean. To say that there were no consequences would be an understatement. these is how security handles situations like these, and Strickland was kicked out of the building. The question of what level of authority is required to carry it out is one that arises on a regular basis, Ariel. They do not wish to go into the police station… When I say that you have security or the police, I mean that the police have the authority to arrest people if they so choose.

There was security that intervened, and the way they decided to handle the situation was to remove one of the individuals from the property and inform him that he would be considered trespassing if he returned. That is not to say that it was not addressed in any way.
Continuing, Chael Sonnen expressed his disapproval of the fight that took place outside of the octagon:

“But no, I’m not a fan of that kind of stuff. Despite the fact that I am not a prude about it, that is not a fight promotion; rather, that is competition. There is no sanction for fighting like that. The combat in question is illegal. Something that bothers me is when people start throwing punches at one other. You have to be able to have these things, this back and forth, and you have to have some level of honor. No, I did not enjoy that at all. You must not allow them to get too close.

Israel Adesanya reacts to Sean Strickland’s scrap with Dricus du Plessis

Additionally, Israel Adesanya, a former middleweight champion, offered his thoughts on the brawl that took place between Sean Strickland and Dricus du Plessis at the ringside.

Adesanya made a comment on his YouTube channel on the UFC 296 card, in which he made a jest about Sean Strickland not being racist, at least. In addition to this, he is of the opinion that the middleweight category is being portrayed in an inaccurate manner.

In spite of this, ‘Izzy’ conceded that she was enjoying the drama and stated:

It’s a relief that he didn’t refer to him as a n*gga. What do you think? It’s what they did, you know, “Oh Israel is so embarrassing as a champion,” but then on the other hand, this is what they do: they sucker punch them. They are fully respectable champions and championship challengers. In point of fact, he did it; he jumped over the chair, struck him in the face, and then they got into a brief altercation. In spite of this, I enjoy it; I enjoy a good show.

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