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“Burn your face with acid” comments made by Sean Strickland’s father toward his mother are a source of emotional distress for him, and he relates traumatic memories from his youth.


Sean Strickland recently shared his story of his youth, during which he was raised in a difficult environment. He also passionately recalled some sad recollections from his childhood that he had concerning his father.

“Tarzan” is generally recognized for his unfiltered and forthright demeanor, and he is unquestionably one of the most controversial competitors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). In addition, the fact that he is able and willing to express his uncensored ideas on delicate matters has contributed to the fact that he is an immensely popular fighter among fans.

It is interesting to note that Strickland has never made any attempt to conceal the fact that his upbringing was fraught with suffering and that he was subjected to horrendous abuse at home. It has even been acknowledged by “Tarzan” that the events that transpired during his childhood had a significant influence on the development of his personality and on the passion that he has for martial arts.

As Strickland recalled a particularly distressing recollection of his father threatening to physically injure him and his mother, he broke down in tears during a recent edition of Theo Von’s podcast This Past Weekend. Strickland’s father had threatened to physically attack both of them. He remarked that

Strickland’s father was under the influence of a significant amount of narcotics. I recall sitting in the kitchen and simply hugging my mother’s leg. I used to do that very often. She would go to this tiny nook, and I would just sit there all night long, by my mother’s feet, and my father would say things like, “I’m going to f**king kill you.” We had this small nook, and she would go there. The fact that he would talk about burning her face with acid is something that I will never forget, and keep in mind that I am still in elementary school.

Sean Strickland slams Dricus Du Plessis for crossing a line while trash-talking

In a recent admission, Sean Strickland acknowledged that Dricus Du Plessis had crossed a line when he made insensitive remarks regarding the traumatic experiences he had as a youngster associated with his father.

Strickland and Du Plessis are scheduled to compete for the middleweight title at UFC 297, which will take place on January 20 at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. For some background, the fight is scheduled to take place. During the UFC yearly news conference that took place in Las Vegas a month ago, the two competitors engaged in verbal sparring prior to their upcoming fight.

During the course of their conversation, the South African fighter made a reference to the fact that Strickland’s father had abused him when he was a child and promised to impose an even more severe punishment on January 20 and beyond. ‘Tarzan’ did not take kindly to his statements, and their feud reached a boiling point at the UFC 296 event two days later, where they engaged in a public brawl.

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Regarding the same In the show that aired over the weekend before last, Strickland acknowledged the impact that Du Plessis’ statements had on him and criticized his next opponent for going outside the lines. It was him who said:

“There are some things that are inappropriate to discuss. You do not actually discuss a man’s wife, you do not discuss a man’s children, and you do not discuss a child who is being harmed. All of these items are not permitted in any way.

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